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AOL wants to dig up the yard looking for Gold

Out of the “unbelievable” department comes a report that AOL (the company that accidentally-on-purpose released all that private search data) plans to bulldoze the yard of some folks in Massachusettes, looking for gold and platinum bars that an AOL spammer may have buried there. What??

Yes, they prosecuted one of the Spam Kings for spamming, and the spammer didn’t show up in court. So AOL won by default, and was awarded $12 million in damages. Let’s not forget this is Time Warner AOL… the big company that owns all those office buildings, magazines, newspapers, etc. You know the one. The people who mail dozens of CDs to people (expensive and environmentally unfriendly junk mail). Yeah, they sued someone for spamming, and got $12 million, if they can collect it.

Anyway they want their money, and are willing to dig for it. Just like they don’t want to let you cancel your account.