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Danny Sullivan leaves Search Engine Watch

The news of the day: Danny Sullivan is a free agent.

One of the biggest names in search, he started SearchEngineWatch back in the late 90’s around the time I first started focusing on search penetration as a competitive venue.  I was used to BoardWatch (no longer around), the defining website of the BBS world, and SearchEngineWatch fit right in as a fundamental news and information website centered on the emerging specialty of search. It was cool if only because it was focused on search, a field nobody respected at that time, but which excited all of us who played with it. To be honest, I didn’t pay any attention back then to who was running it or who was active in it. I wasn’t concerned with personalities…I was totally focused on technical aspects and performance.

The best thing for me will be seeing how Danny Sullivan redefines himself in today’s Internet/SEO world. That will be telling… and interesting.

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