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The Next Web in Amsterdam plus The Hague for Domaining Europe

This year The Next Web technology conference is May 26 and 27. If you don’t already know, The Next Web Europe conference is “the big one” for creative web professionals and entrepreneurs. It is much different than the New York or other little meetings by the same name, as you will see in the agenda and roster. Just about all of the big names in web innovation are there.

Unlike more formal Internet Business conferences in the US, the Next Web conference is a very friendly gathering or doers… people who do more than they say. One of the reasons I like it! And of course, Amsterdam is a wonderful venue for a creative conference… amazing, actually.

This year the annual Domaining Europe conference is scheduled conveniently immediately after The Next Web, in order to facilitate attendance at both events. Everyone involved in web development is involved at some level with Internet domain names, and everyone in the business of domain names has interest in the creative development of the web and Internet.

Amazing Travel Opportunity

Domaining Europe is scheduled for May 29 – 31, at Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus The Hague, a splendid property in The Hague, the capital city of South Holland, and home of the Netherlands government offices. The Hague is part of the Hague-Rotterdam metro area, an hour from Amsterdam. If you visit Amsterdam for business, you owe it to yourself to visit The Hague and with this double conference you can do just that.

The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus is truly remarkable, and on the beach!

From the hotel website (click to go there)

From the hotel website (click to go there)

From the hotel website

From the hotel website

The year 2015 ended with a very high level of activity in the domain space, split across a number of trends that are combining to make 2016 extremely interesting to domain investors, speculators, and those developing.

Traditionally the Domaining Europe meeting brings together experts from all over the world, and attendees from Europe as well as others doing business with Europe. I’ve attended for many years. Last year I posted some pictures of prior years attending Domaining Europe in Spain.

Smaller Venue with Access to Experts

One of the most valuable aspects of the Domaining Europe Spring meeting is the smaller venue and more accessible experts.

By May, the expert participants and vendors have already digested the Big Hype of the January domaining events and domain auctions, which for 2016 are already larger than ever. Some are predicting this January’s Namescon auction will be the largest domain auction ever. But while the Las Vegas domainer events like Namescon are famously fueled by hype and marketing push, Domaining Europe gives you more intimate access  to the same experts. By the time they relax in Europe, they have already digested what is really happening in the domain markets,  and what that really means in practical terms for domain holders and developers.

Discounts to The Next Web and Domaining Europe

I have a limited number of VIP invites that can incentivize you to attend. Talk about it on social media and hit me up with your interest, and I will see what I can do.