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Embarrassing Google

According to today’s Google, what’s best for the searcher is an autogenerated, machine voiced, brief video mentioning the basic name and features of each new product introduced by each major brand.

Search for info on Apple’s new 30W USB-C power adapter, for example, and near the top you’ll find an autogenerated video with machine-generated voice, telling you the bare bones basic info about this product… almost as if simply read off the Apple product page. Totally useless waste of time.

Of course there’s a pre-roll ad, an overlay ad, and pre-roll branding from the producer of this video. I suppose that if I had watched to the end, I would have discovered something else… maybe an ad, or more branding, or something about how innovative this company is (not Apple; the video-making spammer).

Curious, I Googled them. Here is their “About Us” vision statement:

“Our mission is to develop solutions that leverage emerging technologies to enhance their utility and creating versatility. We aim to revolutionize the integration of heterogeneous technologies; allowing devices and systems to work intelligently and thereby redefining the art of what is possible.”

Wow. English much? I don’t think so. Anyway.. wait a sec.. maybe that’s a different Aban Tech. Hmm… is this the same Aban Tech as the Youtube Aban Tech? The one whose About is “Keep up with the latest developments in technology and the latest inventions to world level.” ? The one who links to their own “Fecebook” page? I can’t actually tell, because despite its top ranking in Google search, there is almost ZERO demonstration of authenticity or authority anywhere to be found. It’s as fly-by-night looking as they come.

Yet Google ranks it. Just as Google ranks their other videos… like the one featured on their Youtube page, which computer- speaks the same exact text as is displayed in the description “This week we ended juicy news has had on the system, first announcing a demonstration of the final device at CES 2016…”

Google is an embarrassment to everyone in American technology. This is garbage, and needs to be called out as such.

Noted: If you search Youtube for that same product, you do not find garbage listings like this ranking. More proof that Google actually cares more about Youtube search than… you got it… search itself.