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Ban my AdSense Account? Not so Fast Google!

There is a thread going on over at an seo blog (you can follow it at Threadwatch) that claims you can get anyone’s AdSense account banned by messing around with it on a domain that violates the GoogleRules. It’s also in Digg, which makes me suspicious. These days when I see a Digg link I think “sensationalist nonsense likely”. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway it’s not exactly true that you can kill someone’s AdSense account *that* easly, but I think it is important for Competitive Webmasters to hold some clarity on this issue. AdSense is a big player in the webmaster revenue department. That makes the issue important for webmasters and their competitors alike. And truth be told, you can get someone’s AdSense account into trouble.
So here are my 10 Steps to get Someone’s AdSense Account Banned: read more