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Free SEO Tips

So none of the SEOs out there are publishing real SEO tips anymore? Well, here’s a small one to keep in mind that can make you a wee bit more competitive while maintaining a decent level of decorum in the keyword spamming department. I call it “Search box suggestion keyword spam” and it is dripping with plausible deniability so Matt shouldn’t have any issue with it.

Got a search box on your site? Okay, chances are it’s top right or at least close to the top of the page. It has alt text, of course (right?). It has a little button logo or click spot, which is of course properly named with a keywordy label, and of course keywordy alt text, right?

Well, does it also have a line of “example” keywords to show your visitors how to use it? Is that example readable text? Is it keyword rich? Why not? For one example, click here.

Note to self: check the backlinks to in a few days and see if anyone out there appreciates free SEO tips.

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7 Responses to “Free SEO Tips”

  1. Mr SEO Says:

    I guess no one listens to my podcast. :( LOL

  2. john andrews Says:

    Hey Joe, come on you need to tell us more than that! Honestly, no, I don’t have patience for podcasts. I see you have a blog…. but i also see you promote “submissions to search engines” which usually raises a flag for me when it comes to SEO people.

    You have the floor, mate. What’s the SEO scoop?

  3. Kent Says:

    You’ll also notice that our search tip rotates between the most relevant keywords on our three key category pages at :)

  4. john andrews Says:

    Welcome Kent. I think you did a nice job with the CSS and DHTML, and I also think competitive webmasters could spend a few of their wiser R&D minutes deconstructing your site and business model (re: the hosting referrals part). It’s a new level of play today, and not everybody understands that. I’d rather point them to an example than ‘splain it. Do tell, Kent, will you be SEOing the hosting review site down the road?

  5. Alex Says:

    Anyone know of some good plug&play search software I can place on my sites?

    I’m using the Google Adsense search script type thing at the moment but want to change. Don’t mind paying a few $$ and long as the software is nice and simple and usable.


  6. Cristian Mezei Says:

    John, fix the Matt link in the post.

  7. john andrews Says:

    Got it, thanks.