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Pick your Poison: An SEO at the Pub

In suburban America in the 80’s, everyone had a home bar, and everyone wanted to know everyone else’s drink. You wanted to be able to take a guest aside to the bar and serve him what he liked…make him feel special. The town hall people, the lawyer down the street, the cardiologist that gave out free advice, and of course the ice cream company district manager living next door. I was just a teenager but sometimes running to the Local Liquor Store for somebody’s favorite Tanguerey, or Jim Beam, or Canadian Club was *the* critical task of the day.

You know who you are

Nowadays SEO people meet at bars and restaurants, but they still drink, and that aside meeting is still where the SEO action takes place at major conferences. Oh, sure the sales action and intros largely take place on the conference floor and exhibit hall, but the SEO action is at the bar.

In this case the lawyer has been swapped out for a domain guru or semantics expert, the town hall guy has been replaced by the link meisters and directory kings, and the ice cream salesman? Well, let’s just say that these days he’s selling luncheon meat.

The question remains: What do you drink?

If you go to seo pubcons and the like, name your drink. I’ll start:

A black & tan, or a 2x Jameson straight up with an ale on the side.

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13 Responses to “Pick your Poison: An SEO at the Pub”

  1. john andrews Says:

    A black & tan, or a 2x Jameson straight up with an ale on the side.

  2. Darren Says:

    A captain & coke if I want to drink all night long, an irish whiskey on the rocks (I know I know, I’m still in training) if I don’t.

  3. Mr SEO Says:

    Kamikaze… you never see it coming.

  4. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    The topic of all topics.

    Miller Lite. I know, I know. What can I say I’m from Texas ;)

    You don’t want me to drink liquor. I learned my lesson with that long ago. “…you never see it coming.” bout sums it up.

  5. Jangro Says:

    I’ll have a scotch on the rocks please…any scotch will do, as long as it’s not a blend. Single malt, Glenlivet perhaps, Glenfiddich, Glen Garry, any Glen.

  6. Merrick Says:

    Scotch whiskey with water

  7. Jamie Says:

    If there is good tequila on offer then a proper margarita will do the trick. If not then guiness will do nicely. Tail end of the evening I’ll switch over to Dalwhinnie

  8. Natasha Robinson Says:

    Kettle one gimlet straight up or if I’m feeling like “being one ‘o the boys” good ‘ole Glen neat.

  9. IncrediBILL Says:

    Black and Tan is for wimps that can’t handle a straight Guiness and Jameson is OK for people that can’t handle Bookers Boubon (single barrel 124-127 proof) but that stuff just separates the MEN SEO’s from the BOY SEO’s :)

    If you want some serious SEO beer, try Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPA @ 9.5% proof and you’ll get SEO’s spilling their guts, in more ways than one.

    However, the best booze is always the FREE booze, all others are subjective.

  10. Benjamin Says:

    Nastro Azzuro Peroni x2 – Cheers.

  11. Aaron Pratt Says:

    Long Island Iced Tea x 2 but no more than 2, that is IF I ever go to a pubcon type thing.

  12. IncrediBILL Says:

    OK, I was a bit harsh posting about Black and Tan last night.

    I actually like a nice Black and Tan but too many bartenders can’t pour them right and you get a glass of murky mess.

    If they have Harp on tap, try a nice Half & Half too ;)

  13. Jaan Kanellis Says:

    Heineken Light and a Green Latern please….