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Content is King

Content is King. As little content as possible, is King. Content is King.

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14 Responses to “Content is King”

  1. Jill Says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    OK you lost me on this one. This darn time change has my brain all scrambled :)

  3. IncrediBILL Says:

    At least it was a mercilessly short post.

  4. Aaron Pratt Says:

    Makes perfect sense to me, that one almost caused the coffee to fly! =P

  5. Content is King · SEO Buzz Box Says:

    […] Content is King […]

  6. Martin Muehl Says:

    Let’s see how far it goes. Reminds me of one post titled “User generated content” which contained nothing but that title – and the comments of course.

  7. Nozio Says:

    If all the blog’s “content” was this short i’d be able to get thru 1000’s a day!!

  8. Barry Welford Says:

    I disagree.

  9. Steve Wilson Says:

    That’s the best Content Is King article I’ve ever read. Such a short content article yet profound none the less. So full of Content and King.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Keyword density is king!

  11. nuevojefe Says:

    So… you are going for #1 in MSN for content is king, or what?

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    […] Are you ready for the next “Google Update” which will lower the power of adjacent, semantic content and increase the power of inbound links? Given the influence of age and age-related factors on link trust, you should have already started. The old “buy on rumor, sell on news” proves true once again; almost everyone is now talking about how back links don’t matter, and content is king. […]

  13. » Google’s Creative Class - John Andrews - Says:

    […] Some time ago I wrote “content is king“. Simple enough. But I wasn’t echoing the staid SEO mantra of “just write good content“. I was saying that content, compared to everything else you generate as a web publisher, is the only asset you own and control. It is the content, and not the process of publishing that content, that matters. […]

  14. Someone Says:

    This man is a genious. says content king&btnG=Search