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Google Cranks up the Knob on external achor text/title text: Who’s first for your domain name today?

Wow…Google has cranked up the knob for external anchor text way beyond reason. Today I checked some domains that have always ranked very well in their markets. Low-grade but persistent SEO efforts on the money words, but little else. These are budget-conscious small business sites where branding the URL was never a goal, although they all ranked #1 for their domain and www anyway as they should.. (unique, non-generic domains).

Today they have been replaced at the #1, #2, #3, etc spot by.. are you ready… Alexa info page on domain name, directory page on domain name, and even siteadvisor’s dedicated page-per-domain name! To add insult to injury, the top 8 for a search of domain.tld includes a dedicated page-per-URL at, scrapers with one-page-per-URL, and even a PR0 URL that had external back links using our domain as the anchor text!

Talk about easy hijack of PR5 pages, this is ridiculous. If I run an allintitle search in Google and an allinanchor I see the same top 7 as the standard domain.tld search. Even an empty page (pre-built using domain name in title, and an H1 with domain name/domainname.html) outranks the actual corporate website for it’s own domain name / business name!

Wow. Google should be embarassed. If ever there was a time that everyone needs an organic SEO rounding out their websites on a routine basis, this is it. A few more standard SEO pages to add to the management system…. just for days like this.

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2 Responses to “Google Cranks up the Knob on external achor text/title text: Who’s first for your domain name today?”

  1. webprofessor Says:

    John I am not seeing any changes on my stuff. What sector were you in ?

  2. John Andrews Says:

    I am now seeing a potential canonical issue with both of the domains that show this problem. They are both on a host that changed it’s handling of the non-www redirect… so this may be a more traditional hijack. Neither domain has many back links using the domain name as anchor text.