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Too Late for 06, but Next Year: SEO RollerCon in Vegas

Well my good friend Matt Cutts (who appears to have personally intervened in the banning of this blog from Google – thanks Matt!) posted to his blog today that Googlers are into Roller Hockey in a big way. That’s great news, because it was several years ago that Matt himself cautiously approached this new-thing-called-roller-hockey as a fitness activity, and I am very glad to see it stuck. Roller Hockey is a great sport. Back in Joisey we had a local rink that, although sadly in need of repairs and a good floor cleaning, was a great place to let off steam. Roller hockey is like ice hockey without the cold, the backwards skating, and most of the falls. It’s faster than floor hockey, with less sweat (due to the breeze keeping you cooler) and more bruises.

Speaking of bruises, did you know Las Vegas is home of one of the most active Roller Hockey rinks in the country? Not the best, but the home of the National Championships, and I believe it is the recipient of increased committment for investment now that a few championships have proven so successful. So we have Roller Hockey right there in vegas… right there where PubCon is….right there where Matt Cutts is and many of us Roller-Hockey playing SEOs and search people! What a concept! RollerCon!

Come on Matt, you were able to intevene on a total ban of my blog, surely you can push for a Roller Hockey game at the next Vegas PubCon! Search Engines vs. SEOs in the rink! Full protective gear, of course.

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One Response to “Too Late for 06, but Next Year: SEO RollerCon in Vegas”

  1. IncrediBILL Says:

    If I can use the traditional 4 wheel roller skates, not that inline crap, I’ll bring my pro wheels to Vegas and offer my services to flatten Matt if you want.

    Just call me “The Refrigerator”