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The PubCon SEO Card Game

Here’s a little PubCon SEO card game I’m playing when I get to Vegas. I have red SEO business cards for my SEO consulting. I will be using them as my business card this trip, handing them out on request and (hopefully) trading them for your business card. The unique part is, this time each one of my red SEO cards has a unique serial number on the back.  I have already picked a certain number of cards and listed them as “winners” on a sheet of paper. I shuffled them back into the deck, and will be taking them with me to Pubcon.

During Pubcon, look for my red SEO card and be sure and ask for one. During and after Pubcon, more than 20 times I will publish a winning number on this blog at If you have in your posession a card with that number on the back, you win! What do you win? Well, how about a back link? A kind mention of your pet project on this blog? Some free PR?

It’s a good will game, that’s all. So make sure you take a card and check the site if you care to win. One win per person, of course, but feel free to take an extra card to pass along to a friend ;-)



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  1. Hmmm, a back link from a banned site… just kidding. Love the idea. Too bad I won’t be there to ask you for my piece of the action :)

    If that’s a pic of your real card (too small to tell), I love it. So many cards are just so bland. Even the ones with color. I actually take notice when I receive a unique biz card.


    Editor’s Note: Yes, load the image directly and you get a bigger version.

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    […] Honorable mentions go to Todd Malicoat aka Stundubl for his gaping void business card and to John Andrews for his scrabble style SEO business cards. However the winner hands down is Marcus Tandler from for his aluminum business cards. Thats right aluminum as in the metal, these cards are so cool they would make James Bond green with envy and I was worried they might be considered a weapon at the airport I packed it in my luggage. […]

  2. […] At Pubcon in Las Vegas I wore a badge around my neck that was different from everyone else. I made up a bright red SEO business card with SEO big and bold on it, and inserted one into the plastic sleeve of my Pubcon badge. Where everyone else walked around with all white 3×4 paper badges with their name printed in small black letters, I had a bright red “advertisement” for SEO front and center. It worked. I was approached by a good number of small business owners and employees who were looking to meet SEO people, or learn more about how organic search marketing could cut their marketing (PPC) costs. […]