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Pubcon Collateral Damage

Back from Las Vegas already, but no blogging on Well, my Thinkpad died on day 2 of Pubcon, interrupting my normal daily evening online activities. I sent it off via IBM Ezcare for servicing (after learning that the local Thinkpad depot service in Vegas did not have the parts and would actually take longer). There’s also the MGM Grand/DHL/other vegas hotel package pick up epic saga I’ll refrain from relating to save you some yawns.

On the positive side I won an amazing Nintendo DS Lite from the Amazing Opera Browser company at the show, so I got myself online the last day via wifi and the Opera Nintendo browser. It’s way-cool and I will definitely post a picture and comment soon. This little white toy kicks butt when it comes to wifi convenience.

Also in the works are several SEO posts prompted by the activities of Pubcon, competitive notes from sessions (not many, but some) and some additional observations about the people that make Pubcon Pubcon.

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4 Responses to “Pubcon Collateral Damage”

  1. IncrediBILL Says:


    Glad to see you back online.

  2. Ken Says:


    It was great meeting you and thanks for the advice. I hope you and your ThinkPad will be re-united soon. Any winner for the SEO Card Game?


  3. Peter Says:

    Hehe, that DS Lite is the thing my five year old kid’s been begging me to buy him for the past couple months. Looks kinda cool.

  4. Lee Says:

    It was nice to meet you at Pubcon John! Am glad to hear that Nintendo DS is working out for you – my oldest has been bugging me for one.

    Thanks, Lee and back at you. It came with Super Mario game, and my boys have been behaving better than I ever knew they could since I got back :-)