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Google Negotiating Access to Lightpoles for Google WiFi

This is not SEO, but it is about Google and Google’s desire to “own” municipal WiFi. Google and Earthlink have a partnership for WiFi in San Francisco, and it seems Google is also, in addition to the partnership with Earthlink, asking for separate “real estate” rights on 1500 light poles in San Francisco.

Light poles have power (obviously) and are maintained clear of trees and vegetation, and generally have a line-of-site view of their neighbor light poles. Remember when cell antennas showd up on top of water towers across the nation? Now Google wants to put WiFi repeaters (?) on light poles.

I think Google Local has only just begun.

Kimo Crossman posted this to Seattle Wireless, and also noted :

When Brian Roberts of DTIS, the city IT department staffer that is performing the negotiations testified at a public hearing on Friday 11/17 he didn’t reveal this major development even though the discussion happened at least a week earlier.Streaming video here of 11/17 hearing is available at

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