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Do really typo traffic exist?

That is the question. And the answer is….

Thus marks the return of to the Google SERPs. Not the greatest #1 spot to hold, I agree, but given that a mere 15% or so of the traffic to this blog ever came via Google referrals, not that big a deal either. What about the more desireable SERPs? Well, I’m on the top of page 2 for John Andrews which isn’t far from reality pre-Google ban. And if you look for me in Seattle, I am back. I’m also still an SEO, but that might be because I walked around pubcon with a bright red SEO badge around my neck. One can never really know how effective those off-line promotions can be, you know?

I have to note that Black Hatter Dave Naylor is still #1 for Christine Dolce Nude, however, which was supposedly related to my ban somehow. He’s also #1 for Christine Dolce Naked. Go figure.

I really don’t care too much about those SERPs, but it is nice to know that I rank #1 for Christine Dolce desires John Andrews while Dave is ranking at the very top for Dave Naylor is not Christine Dolce’s favorite SEO. To confirm the now obvious, check out who ranks #1 for Christine Dolce’s favorite SEO. It’s not Dave:

that's be me, John Andrews

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2 Responses to “Do really typo traffic exist?”

  1. SEO Buzz Box Says:

    I was #1 for Brandi Belle. ;-(

  2. Jason Calacanis Thinks Netscape Users are Idiots Says:

    […] Oh, and before you call me out, yes the interspersed misspelling of Jason’s last name is intentional. After all, spelling is bullshit. Much like SEO. […]