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SEO Job from Hell: Ranking a Pharmacy

So how does one rank a pharmacy web site?

There is so much pharmacy spam, a regular pharmacy (or pharmacist) can’t hope to rise above the noise. There is so much pharmacy blog spam, a pharmacist blogger is assigned nofollow whenever she comments on a blog. There are so many pharmacy splogs.. most ranking, relevant blogs have comments turned off. The very terms that define pharmacy (pills, medications, drugs) are saturated in the search engines, with few if any actual pharmacies or pharmacists involved.

My previous example of a tough SEO job was : Molly Ringwald hires you to rank her new line of aromatic candles, called “16 Candles.”

I think the pharmacy thing is worse.


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4 Responses to “SEO Job from Hell: Ranking a Pharmacy”

  1. Andy Hagans Says:

    Sounds like a fun challenge. Restraints breed creativity :-)

  2. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    Man, they sure better have a large budget.

    As far as ranking, are they a national chain or local? If national, they should have the budget. If local, well then you will need to go local with them.

    Also, most pharmacy’s aren’t just about the drugs. Target all their products.

    It’s possible, you just have to make sure they understand what is needed to do the job for what they want to target.

  3. Peter Says:

    How refreshing it would be if there was something not-spammy showing up in the results in those searches.

  4. scoreboard Says:

    Two words: