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Wanted: Paid Review Broker (a.k.a. My Review of ReviewMe)

I’m looking for a broker to bring me paid review opportunities. I am willing to review stuff (web services, products, books, videos, personalities, historical blunders, just about anything) in exchange for a payment. I will disclose the review as “sponsored” as appropriate. I will respond to any requests for paid reviews within 2 days, and complete the review within 2 days of that acceptance.

Reviews will be positive or negative or neutral based on my opinion and experience alone. My reviews will generally include links to relevant web resources, as consitutes a quality read for my audience.

As broker for bringing me the review opportunities, you get 50% of the fee. Now here’s the catch: it has to be worth more than $30 to me.

Now I don’t care a hoot about your “review management system” or your gradient graphics with rounded corners, or how you approach advertisers – that’s your business. Don’t bother me with Alexa’s opinion of my rank, or your estimates of my RSS feed subscriptions (especially if you can’t seem to estimate that).  All I care is that you bring me opportunities, and they pay me better than $30. All I care is that you PERFORM.

And if you are smart, you might consider refraining from telling me about other blogs that get paid more than I do, or other blogs that you estimated to be of higher value than mine. All that craps does is lower my opinion of your value to my operations… I am quite aware of my own value, thank you, and if you can’t see it, well…. you suck and that’s really not my problem, is it?




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  1. Mr SEO wrote:

    I am looking to have my stuff reviewed but no one has taken on the review. If you are interested, email me

    Friday, December 22, 2006 at 6:18 am | Permalink