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Yes, it’s UTube vs. all over again, except this time the beneficiary of our broken domain name system is a parked page domain name monetizer, Eastwind Groups, Ltd.

According to CNET,

The two Danes want people hungry for Internet entertainment to roost at Joost. Company executives had referred to the new company for months by the codename “The Venice Project.” They chose Joost because they like the ring of it, according to a spokeswoman. The word doesn’t have any meaning in Danish. The plan, according to Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl, is to offer studios, cable stations and anyone else who wants to distribute high-quality video over the Internet, a fast, efficient and cheap distribution method. To do this, the company will rely on the peer-to-peer technology that helped Friis and Zennstrom build Skype and Kazaa.

So now we will have a (not competitor named (pronounced and no doubt encountering the same traffic confusion that Universal Tube hasn’t handled very well. This time, is already a parked page, so no need to destroy an existing corporate image with steamy erotica, eh?