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SEO Is Easy: So You Say You’re A Wedding Planner… where are Your Weddings?

You say you’re a wedding planner, and your site talks all around weddings. But where are your weddings?

You say you’re a musician, and your site talks all around your music, but where are your songs?

You say you’re a vaccuum cleaner salesperson, and you talk all about Hoovering, but where are your Hoovers?

You say you’re a New York City Dentist, and you sure seem to know a lot about molars, but where is your dentistry?

The “LSI spam” is worse than the link spam these days, and sadly, missing the mark. I’m blaming the ebooks…because there must be some source of this mis-information. A top-ranking service provider in a major US city, with only 3 backlinks (one from a whois service)? Yup. I’ll give you a clue: you’ll never be the first person in a new place if you only follow.

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2 Responses to “SEO Is Easy: So You Say You’re A Wedding Planner… where are Your Weddings?”

  1. Steve Gerard Says:

    OMG you just gave me *such* a headache! ;)

    I’m horrible at riddles – however I can see where LSI spam would be a problem for cloaked/doorway pages and sites, but can’t figure out how it can be used for spamming in other ways.. unless they’re just chugging out spammy pages without even bothering to redirect to a more decent looking landing page.

    re: “Clue: you’ll never be the first person in a new place if you only follow.”

    Gah! Hmmm…Are they pumping out individual pages using a generator & database of states & city names along with their niche’s long tail keyword(s)..?

    Or does their niche site have large, thorough sub-sections directly related to their website’s primary subject matter? (ie a carpet cleaning website also has a section all about vacuum cleaners, even though they aren’t in the business of actually selling the vacuum cleaners… just so the LSI aspect gives their entire site a boost in the SEs).. or am I giving away too much here? LOL

    That’s my slightly confused 2 cents!

  2. Dave Says:

    Ah, the semantic web! Google is listening, apparently with one whole ear. Wait until everyone is providing RDF’s through semantic tagging.

    But can you blame Google? Links as a proxy for value is an ever-broken methodology.