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SEO Is Easy: Half-Baked Marketing Crap Part II

Why do we blog? No, not because of Google. try again. Why did we start blogging?

Ahhh… there ya go. We started blogging because we were writing about what we were doing. Because placing our stuff into context was satisfying for us. Telling the other side of the story was therapeutic. It was the rest of the story that nobody knew. It served a purpose. I don’t see many blogs like that any more. So what happened?

The biggest barrier to creativity is…… Google?

A little while ago, if I asked a New York City dentist to describe what should be on his New York City Dentist website, he would have told me all the reasons he is a better choice as a dentist that the other guy down the street. Credential. Education. Years of experience. Today when I ask that, I get all this half-baked Internet marketing crap. From a dentist no less. Sometimes I get an interpretation of half-baked marketing crap. Vast detailed descriptions of dental procedures like molar extraction, peppered with local place names… almost as if he wanted a website about Park Avenue prosthedontics and Gramercy Park Root Canal.

In the eyes of the search engine, that’s a Dental medicine site.  Or a Dental directory. Or Dental marketing, even. But that’s not dentistry!



  1. Debbie wrote:

    You’re right. My clients (small biz) tend to fall into two camps – the first like yours that give me what they think they should put on their site based on what they’ve heard should be on it – short choppy sentences laced with every keyword remotely related to their industry and nothing about themselves, why they do what that do and why customers should choose them instead of the competition. And then there’s the other group that rambles on forever about the most obscure aspects of their business, things I don’t think anyone is interested in reading but that they insist are important facts that they want to share with visitors. Page after page of obscure text.

    I like the clients that are in between, and thankfully my last two larger ones have been this kind – they give me well-written paragraphs describing what they do and how they do it and why it’s important to them. It’s thoughtfully done and perfect ground for inserting some nicely focused keywords, but it isn’t just like every other garden center or accountant or dentist office site… It’s personal and friendly and more focused on taking care of potential customers than writing to make Google happy.

    Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 2:24 pm | Permalink
  2. graywolf wrote:

    >Why do we blog

    Because we got tired of building value with great content for forum owners and not ourselves.

    Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 10:15 pm | Permalink