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Nintendo DS Lite: Super Mario World 8, Level 7 8

Just thought I’d let you know where I’m at.

Update: for those looking for Super Mario hints.

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84 Responses to “Nintendo DS Lite: Super Mario World 8, Level 7 8”

  1. Zeehan Says:

    Stuck on World 8 keep on running but no end or next steps. Please help

  2. john andrews Says:

    Ha I remember that! The trick is in the order in which you go through on the different floors. There are spots that “beep” when you pass them. You need to go thru one floor, get the beep, go through on the next floor, get the sound there, and maybe a third (don’t remember) before the scenary will advance. If you don’t do it in order, you just go round n round (evil!)

    Good luck! I just unlocked World 4 but haven’t looked around yet. World 7 was the most creative world of all and worth the efforts to get there!

  3. lauren Says:

    the first floor you need to go thru the bottom then you will hear a ding, the second you need to go through the top and you will hear a ding then the last is through the middle and you will hear a ding. then you are at the boss.

    Hope that helps

  4. Carol Mc Cabe Says:

    Can anybody tell me what each floor looks like as I am going through floors and I dont know what the first,second or third floor is like because I have got to the floor where the half way flag comes up and then the flag does not move. Then I run out of time.
    It is driving me crazy now.

    Please help

  5. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    I have the same problem Carol has. Can you help?

  6. Charlie Says:

    I have a bit of a problem, ppl have said that if you defeat the monster in the world 2 castle as mini mario or luigi you unlock world 4! how exactly do you do this??? please help me im stuck!!

  7. Shorty Says:

    i also cant get passed the same stage as Zeehan, there is no end to this its driving me mad! the only thing that i found was running on the lower part of the floor, and then the next set of blocks start to change, other than that i cant get passed this stage, what are you supposed to do

  8. Tracy Says:

    Answer to charlie, you have to do the jump then press the down button so mario does the ‘bum’ thump on the catapiller thingys head 3 times…good luck :)

  9. Tracy Says:

    Answer to charlie, you have to do the jump then press the down button so mario does the ‘bum’ thump on the catapiller thingys head 3 times…good luck :)

  10. Laura Says:

    How do i beat world 6 first stage?? In mario ds lite.
    how do you get above the bullets and continu on when the wall is there?
    thanks for any help!

  11. Siobhan Says:

    Want to get on to level four? Anyone any suggestions cant figure it out at all or level 7 either?

  12. margaret Says:

    i cant pass last castle on world 8 ne help??

  13. jake Says:

    i done it

  14. louie Says:

    nice one
    it worked !! :)

  15. lucyb Says:

    im stuck on world 6 lvel 1 i come to a dead end and cant jump high enough arghh any help would be very much appriciated

  16. ginanater Says:

    how do you go to world 7 on the nintendo ds?

  17. edge Says:

    hey how do you get luigi and get to levels four and seven we have beat the rest of the game but we are now stuck….we need help !!!please???

  18. edge Says:

    we finally got to world 4 but still dont no how to reach world 7; can somebody help please…and thanks for helping with world 4

    @edge check out the hints and tips especially Super Mario world 4

  19. sharon Says:

    I am stuck in level 6 an can’t jump high enough to continue the game. How do I super jump? Nothing is working – thanks to anyone for a response. Also I can’t figure out how to get to level 4.

    Thanks to anyone who can help in any way…. Sharon

  20. Rudy Says:

    Sharon, what world and level are you stuck on, exactly?

  21. david Says:

    i need help with world 6 i cant jump high enough to continue the game.. does anyone know what i have to do??? thank you for your help.

  22. Jill Says:

    Like every one else I am stuck on world 8, got to the half way point with the flag and now i just keep going till it runs out of time, I heard the “dings” but still am not going anywhere. can you hellp me

  23. Jill Says:

    I did it! thanks for all the info on how to clear it

  24. sam allison Says:

    how do u get to world 4 ?

  25. Jill Says:

    yea, it didn’t take me there either, skipped over worlds 4 & 7 I was wondering the same thing. Any help here?

  26. Tera Says:

    Lauren is right about world 8…bottom, then top, then middle…if you have the big shroom at the end it’s surprisingly easy :) Thanks for the advice.

  27. Tera Says:

    To get to level 4, you have to beat the boss in world 2 with mini mario. This isn’t too bad because there is a mini available right near the end. To get to world 7, you have to beat the boss in world 5 with mini mario. This was more difficult because mini mario isn’t readily available right before…I don’t think.

  28. TRAY Says:

    does anyone know hoe to get to lvl 7 in world 7?

  29. Danielle Says:

    I am also stuck on world 6 -4 I cannot jump high enough once on the red blocks, have searched around but canno find the answer, please help!

  30. Danielle Says:

    I understand from other things that I have read that you have to finish off levels 8 and I think 5 in mini mode to get to levels 4 and 7. Hope that helps

  31. stacy Says:

    I can’t get past the boss at the end of Level 6. I catch those shells that he throws and throw them back at him, but nothing seems to kill him!
    Can anyone help?

  32. kevin kevin Says:

    a few questions to ask,can you tell me how i can get past world six as it cant jump high enough and also how do you get world 4

    @kevin check out Nintendo Super Mario tips website

  33. Jane Says:

    can you get to world four and seven and how do you get there.

    some star coins can not be found.

  34. Mario lover Says:

    in order to get to level 4 you have to go super mini and then kill the monster at the end. To kill the beast at the end you have to jump over him and press down so you do a “canon ball” on him. Once you have done that about 3 times you will go through an underpass that will take you to level 4!!!!!

  35. Ria Says:

    i dont understand the comments about world 8 and the dings. can someone explain better. got the bottom and the first but what is the middle mean? and does it have to be in a certain order? i keep going in circles…wtf??????

  36. Jill Says:

    i am on world 7 and i am at one spot that went in a circle back to a board i cleared, how do i clear to go on to master the world?

    Ria go back up and read again where it exlpain how to clear that world…be sure your volume on ur puter is up to hear the dings……go in order it tells u and you will clear it. it took me a few times but finaly got it. I think i ended up being the giant mario to kill the monster…good luck

  37. uppi Says:

    Hi, we are stuck at w8 at last castle could any body can help us please we all family are running in the same place

  38. uppi Says:

    hi guys we are tryin to do this level from almost one month but i dont know how can we pass this level,we got the flag and when we go after it it stucks on the same place and it runs back on the same place again and again it clears one spot when we can hear “ting” it says ting 2nd time too but runs at the same place please if some one can help us we’ll apriciate it thanx.

  39. chloe Says:

    I am stuck on world 8 2nd level where all the water is pleaseeeeee help

  40. Solveig Says:

    I am trying to find all the star coins, but I can’t find the last one in level 6-3. Does anyone know where to find it?

  41. kate Says:

    someone please, please, please help me with world 8. i cannot hear the dings and i am confused as to where i am going wrong. it is driving me to distraction – ive been stuck for months and months!!!! please help

  42. Rafal Says:

    I am stuck on w5-4 cause I keep getting killed by the bullets. Please help!

  43. gvjgh Says:

    In youtube there is a video for world 8 watch it

  44. becky Says:

    how do i get the last gold coin in the gohst house on world 4. ive been trying for ages and just cannont figure out how to get it. any help would be great thanks

  45. Rafal Says:

    I am stuck on w8-1 cause i keep getting killed by the ghosts

  46. Rafal Says:

    to get that last gold coin you have to find the secret exit.

  47. Rafal Says:

    I watched the video on youtube but I am still stuck on w8-1.

  48. Ella Says:

    I have got to the end of level 4-10 but i cant defite the giant mushroom, can anyone help?

  49. jang 262 Says:

    how do i get the second large gold coin in the small castle on world 2 I have all of them and that’s my last? I can’t bounce off the walls fast enough to kepp going around on the yellow hanging thing

  50. nicole Says:

    i am stuck on level 8 the castle how do you get up to the first door????

  51. court Says:

    How do u unlock world 4 and 7?
    anyone help>?XxXXX

  52. Mo Says:

    I haven’t tried it myself, but have been told you need to defeat the boss in the last castle of World 5 as Mini Mario to access World 7. To access world 4, you have to defeat the boss in the last castle of World 2 as Mini Mario.

    Thats my evenings sorted for a few days!

  53. chris Says:

    To unlock world 4 you have to beat last castle on level to as mini mario. and i am stuck on world one of level six at the moment to

  54. chris Says:

    i still never beat world one on level 6. but if you got 5 of those coins you can use htem and go around that level

  55. Natalie Says:

    i know you have to beat the world 5 boss as mini mario to get to world 7, but how??

  56. Alison♥ Says:

    I cant get to world 4 or 7. Its impossible to beat the boss at the end of each world being mini mario. Mini Mario doesnt kill anything!!! HELP!! and what worlds do u have to beat to get to world 4 and 7?

  57. Alison♥ Says:

    yay!! i beat it.. nver mind.

  58. rizzb Says:

    i am stuck on 4-a its hard.

  59. Dryftburn Says:

    How do you pass choclate island 3 in level six? When I do it I end up going in a circle. Help would be appreciated

  60. Charade Says:

    I am trying to get to world 7-7…Please help

  61. ALlie Says:

    i’m stuck on world 8 castle3
    i’m so close 2 the last castle but i can’t get through it
    please help :(

  62. Purple Says:

    how do you beat the snake thing in world 2 to open world 4. being a mini mario doesnt do anything. help pleeeze. Is it the castle before the last castle?

  63. Purple Says:

    go to for answers to world 4 and 7 from a boy that shows you how to get through it. just type in new super mario ds world 4 and 7.

  64. jackie Says:

    i cant get to level 4 or 7 help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do i do i done beat the game

  65. Kristen Says:

    Anyone else having trouble finding all the coins?? Cannot find the last coin in world two level 5. Any advice

  66. Britt Says:

    Grrr;; I JUST defeated the Boss on World Two, in the last castle.
    I jumped on his head 3 times as mini Mario, but it does not unlock World Four.

    Can somebody help me?

  67. beatriz Says:

    to pass to level 4 u have to go to level 3 and at the end u need to be mini to get thru level 4

  68. beatriz Says:

    and when ur done passing 3 at the end like i said u have to be very small and theres like a hole u go thru and will take u right thru level 4. hope it helps. i passes every level except i cant get thru level 7 anyone help

  69. lauren Says:

    wat do u do when u have got all the new backgrounds and still have star coins left wat do u do with them?

  70. dev Says:

    I beat the game but had to go back to unlocke levels 4 and 7 and I have come to the boss in 7-7 but cant manage to beat him…any suggestions?

  71. dev Says:

    that’s ok…I used giant mario to defeat him.

  72. heather Says:

    how do i get to world sevens last castle i can not figure it out?

  73. edwina Says:

    thanks for that on world 8. couldnt figure it out for ages!!!!

  74. Emma Says:

    i have completed all of the worlds but between world 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 there are dotted lines. all the dots are coloured blue apart from the dots between world 7 and 8. am i missing something im supposed to do?

  75. roo Says:

    To get to levels 4 & 7 you have to defeat the boss @ the end with mini mario. on worlds 2 & 5. and to get luigi you have to press the L & R aswell as the A button when choosing the profile !

    Cant do level 8 ! I keep running & running & running in a certain part ! Please help !

  76. Volvo Says:

    World 6 level 4: jumping problem (for those who can’t jump high enough).

    Jump onto the red blocks, then jump up to the left (into the wall), and you can jump up from there.

  77. sheena Says:

    can somebody please please please please help me with world 8.level 8. i am just running and running after the flag and going absolutely nowhere. this is driving me nuts!

  78. conkien Says:

    for sheena: go middle, top then bottom floor in order. then top and middle floor to see the door

  79. Ashley Says:

    There is a certain way you have to run on each part. First I believe you have to take the bottom row and the second part you have to take the middle row. If that’s not right you have to use different combinations. Hope this helps!!

  80. Cheyenne Says:

    Ok so I have beat the whole game and I am now trying to get all the star coins but cannot figure out how to unlock level 7-8. I have gotten all the star coins in world 3 but it won’t say complete. Can anyone help?

  81. Elizabeth Says:

    I am stuck in a little loop in world 7. I beat two levels mulitple times each, but it WON’T LET ME PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Cheane Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to open world 9 level 7 and 8? This is the secret world. I have collected all the star the coins and the last two levels will not unlock….. Went through the entire game twice opening world 9 twice completed levels 1 – 6 collecting all the star coins. Any suggestions?

  83. Slay Says:

    I need help getting past world 7 level 6 have completed level 6 but it wont let me go on to level 7.

  84. irene mc guckin Says:

    can anybody help in the easiest way possible, on how to get past the green castle on world 8??? its driving me bananas so pleaseeeeeee help:)