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Help Preserve the A List from Nasty SEO Types

I don’t follow blogging much. It doesn’t really matter in the real world, actually. But I understand there is an “A” list of bloggers who promote each other, refer to each other, and help maintain the notion of exclusivity in the blogging portion of the web. I can’t profess to know who is “A” list and who is not, so you’ll have to forgive me if Zoli Erdos is not “A” list because even though he says he’s not, and he says he’s a “regular” blogger, he does sound like one when he cautions us that if we all link to each other, we’ll ruin Technorati.

Zoli Erdos is complaining that someone is out to mess with Technorati’s link analysis and may even cause Technorati to “collapse”. He seems to think a meme going around is a trick, or something one of those SEO types thought up. He suggests that getting a whole mess of inbound links may not be such a good thing if everybody else got them, too. He asks bloggers to stop and think before joining the 2000 Bloggers meme…. I suppose for the good of the blog o’ sphere? 

Now if that don’t win Irony of the Day. Just minutes before the stroke of a new day, no less.

I ask, what good is a Technorati that can’t handle the organic web?  We’ve been here before with Google. Sure, it would be great for Google if we all followed the Google Guidelines, but why should I restrain my innovative spirit so Googlers can amass fortunes in advertising revenue from my content? Let Google adapt and earn all that money. Google may be encouraging increased use of the Internet, but webmasters are building the web. The only thing that will keep Technorati from collapsing is innovation, and I’ve heard they haven’t been doing that very well lately. Will we blame Technorati’s failure on SEO’s too? 

Responsible linking? Webmasters, link away, cause it’s a web. Link anywhere you want, for any reason you want. Link with descriptive anchor text or “click here” or “read this” if you like.  Send your exit traffic to Disney or the White House or, it’s up to you. Whatever you want to do… this is your chance. YOU are the publisher. YOU are the editor. YOU make the rules, and YOU don’t have to answer to ANYBODY. And that is especially true for blogs. Pheh. Listen to me. Espousing free speech and unrestricted publishing just like those silly bloggers used to back in the day. Go figure.

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  1. Mark Laymon wrote:

    Your blog is “A list” in my RSS reader!
    Thanks for the insight.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 4:29 pm | Permalink