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External Validation…. $5

I’ve decided to offer a new service called It’s like Yahoo Research and Google Answers and wikipedia, because it basically answers your questions using Internet information. You ask a question, and the service checks the internet, compiles and answer, and spits it back to you authoritatively. No “if’s”, no “might be” and no “some say”… justĀ  definitive statements based on stuff found on the web, as if it were all true.
Of course none of it is guaranteed to be accurate, unbiased, factual, or anything more than statically evident (just like with Google, Yahoo, and wikipedia). What you’re getting for your $5 is the convenient external validation that you want, pure and simple.
See a need, fill a need.

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2 Responses to “External Validation…. $5”

  1. Leonard Chen Says:

    Just for fun, I typed and a redirect actually occured bringing me to a site on religious items.

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