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ReviewMe gets a little Shmarter: Better than A Press Release

ReviewMe is a service for sponsoring product and service reviews by bloggers. You pick your property (someone’s blog) from the many, many blogs in the system. Each blog has a fee (less than most insertion fees out there in PR/advertising world) based on popularity and traffic measures. The blogger decides whether or not to highlight your product/service, and if she does you get a highlight and pay the fee. No additional haggling required. Of course you don’t get to dictate the content, but people are predictable, and it is pretty easy to avoid prople who are hypercritical if you know your product or service stinks.

ReviewMe just updated their evaluations of blogs and now charges $250 for a sponsored highlight on this blog. Initially, I was offered half of a $60 fee for With this update, I think ReviewMe is now a viable service. Since they keep 50% of the fee, sponsored reviews here at will now result in a $125 payment to me, and $125 to ReviewMe. As a pasive form of promotion, we can both prosper with that.

I am often hired to write press releases and promotional copy. And I am just one of *many* marketing bloggers registered with ReviewMe. So think this through… if you hire me to write your press release, and then pay the wire service to distribute it, you’re close to $1000 typically and even then the PR wire service is usually placing some restrictions on how many links you can have, what anchor text you can use, and how it gets archived. With clever utilization of ReviewMe, you can get that professional marketer to write about your product or service, insert it into syndication for you (this blog pings over a hundred syndication alert systems), and archive it several times. What a bargain, no?

Take my advice. After you get a marketing blogger to highlight your product or service offering via ReviewMe, issue a brief press release about how Blogger so-and-so highlighted your product (whether they loved it or just liked it). You don’t need to pay a consultant to write than one, and the third-party linking will give Google goose bumps. It’s a career move for you junior marketing and PR folks out there. It’ll impress the hell out of your old fogey corporate upline.

So good luck to those of you who utilize ReviewMe to get popular Internet marketing blogs to highlight your offerings and activities, and who then reference those in your About blogs and the free press release services. Let me know how much you get for your $250. I’d love to hear the success stories.

Disclaimer: this was NOT a sponsored review of ReviewMe.


  1. John, you can also now set your own price at any time:

    thx for the mention! PG

    Friday, February 23, 2007 at 2:34 pm | Permalink
  2. IncrediBILL wrote:

    John, we always knew you were a bit of a marketing whore at heart, now we know your price too!

    John replies: No, Bill. When I compare a sponsored review to a press release crafted for marketing purposes, the market sets the price. At $125 payment to the blogger, it’s competitive. The other half is the net revenue generated by ReviewMe. At $125 share, they have a sustainable¬†business (I expect they need their own marketing dollars to keep things moving, and they didn’t have that with $30 fees as a startup). Of course the risk has been assumed by the buyer, but the buyer has the opportunity to choose the blogger so I think it’s an effective disintermediation. So Bill, why not try it out by ordering¬†a review of CrawlWall?

    Friday, February 23, 2007 at 7:47 pm | Permalink
  3. Jason Bates wrote:

    Iv been interested in buying some sponsored reviews via although i was wondering would Google penalise my search engine listings as it would assotiate the content with “This is a sponsor review” wich i suppose to Google looks like im link buying and i really cant do with my listings harmed because im currently appearing naturally for some really nice listings. I would want to buy some reviewme listings because it would be A) Good to know what different types of bloggers think of my site B) Lets the bloggers readers know what they think of my site and would let there readers have there own opinions by the comment form. This would be my question to Matt Cutts if i ever bumped into him on the street. If i do buy some reviews, i will sure get 1 here no problem.

    Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 10:24 am | Permalink
  4. IncrediBILL wrote:

    John, I understand the pricing and the concept but I think you miss the point of what I was aiming at with the term “marketing whore”. If someone wanted to be successful making lots of money with ReviewMe it would make sense that most reviews would have to be somewhat positive otherwise they wouldn’t get hired often, if at all. So the problem, as I see it, is you could end up selling off your credibility for as little as $125 which isn’t worth it IMO. Otherwise, to save your credibility, it’s really not a review, it’s just a fluff piece for marketing purposes which then again begs the question of credibility.

    Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 8:28 am | Permalink
  5. dave wrote:

    That sounds really good, I was thinking about using review me, not only to monetize my sites, but also for adding quality content as well.

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 5:47 pm | Permalink