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Parked Page Blindness

I wanted to go to to check on the recent Thinkpad battery recall. I intended to type in L-E-N-O-V-O-.-C-O-M but I guess I missed cause I got a parked page. So I did it again… same parked page. Argh. So I did T-H-I-N-K-P-A-D-.-C-O-M knowing it would redirect to Lenovo’s ThinkPad website, but I GOT THE SAME DAMN PARKED PAGE!

Turns out, it’s not a parked page. It’s Lenovo’s home page. Pick a country.

(Somebody needs a new designer)

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2 Responses to “Parked Page Blindness”

  1. Tamar Weinberg Says:

    LOL, that’s a great find. What an awful layout.

  2. your_store Says:

    Hilarious. And I think you just coined a new term:“parked page blindness”