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2-2-2 Every Day

It started as an exercise in personal improvement. One of those Entrepreneur things.  A Basic Plan of Action. A way to get it done.

One time it was about getting out of a career rut:  Every day 2 calls, 2 letters, and 2 questions. Two calls to old contacts to get in touch and see what other opportunity might be out there; two cover letters with a resume sent, and two calls to senior contacts to ask industry questions that would show I am involved and working hard in the right areas. A way to get it done. 2-2-2.

Another time it was about SEO empire building. Every day 2 back links, 2 articles, and 2 forum posts. Back link building is no fun so two a day was aggressive. Two articles took a good part of the work day, and 2 forum posts got the word out while breaking up the labor. The day wasn’t done until 2-2-2 was done.

Today it’s personal improvement. 2 miles, 2 hours, and 2 compliments.  That’s 2 miles of exercise, 2 hours dedicated to innovative side projects (SEO research stuff), and 2 compliments delivered to those in my life I tend to take for granted. 2-2-2. It makes the goal-oriented day a success.

2-2-2 seems to work for me. How about you? Do you start your day with 3 marbles in the right pocket, and transfer one marble to the left pocket every time you deliver an elevator pitch on a new acquaintance?  Is there some other motivational metric you use, or maybe you have a 2-2-2 idea of your own? 


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One Response to “2-2-2 Every Day”

  1. Dillinger Says:

    Well I recently started something very similar because I wanted to try Joe´s Goals (
    I am trying to make 1 blog post,1 link,think of 1 new niche. I run 4 active blogs so it´s hard sometimes but I´ve managed to keep it up for around 3 weeks now.