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If you won’t listen to me, maybe your customers will?

Hey BigDesignFirm. Yeah, you… the one listing all those Fortune1000 clients on your website. The same one that wouldn’t listen to our SEO guidelines during development, because SEO just gets in the way of the BigFatFollow-On PPC contracts you like to sell your clients when their BrandSpankinNewFlashyWebsites don’t get any traffic. I’m talkin’ to YOU.

If you don’t listen, maybe your clients will? Now that I have your steaming pile of code to refactor, I also know what kind of code you’re delivering to that handy list of clients I got from your website. I bet I can pitch a high-impact, low-hanging fruit SEO scenario to each and every one of them. And it would be worthwhile even if I don’t like Fortune1000 clients, because if they pass on the opportunity I can simply beat them in the SERPS and then sell them my network in a year of so. It’s a natch’, cause we’re in the same niche. They’re pre-qualified leads, because either they don’t know why your work prevents them from getting traffic, or they already know you suck.

Compared to what they will have spent in PPC during that post-new-website year, I guarantee my proposal will look very, very smart.