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SEO: Not Ready for Video

A bunch of SEO types got together to demonstrate the poor quality of video blogging in SEO land today. They were right.. varying audio levels, sync problems, generally horrible production values all around. One was obviously scripted; the other two obviously not scripted. Not sure what the plan is besides link bait forĀ a slow news day, but I’m guessing from the comments it’s the start of a I-do-better-video-than-you meme. Cool. I look forward to round two.

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4 Responses to “SEO: Not Ready for Video”

  1. graywolf Says:

    heh well sometimes you gotta break a few eggs before you learn how to make an omelette ;-)

  2. JLH Says:

    I saw that too, figured if we ignored it would just go away…some linkbait is just better than others.

  3. john andrews Says:

    lol Michael. Fact is, even experts can’t make omelette’s without breaking eggs!

  4. Artem Says:

    I’m agree with you Jonh, sometimes it looks terrible.