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Matt Cutts MFA Splog

I’m not sure why someone thinks that Matt Cutts’ blog content is good splog fodder. SEO and webmastering don’t generally monetize at the top of the earnings charts for PPC, and without attribution to Matt, you don’t get the Matt Cutts name on there for poularity either. Maybe this full-text reproduction of Matt Cutts blog , plastered with AdSense ads, is intended to be ironic?



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One Response to “Matt Cutts MFA Splog”

  1. JLH Says:

    Quite funny. I’ve noticed in my Google Webmaster Tools, under the links tab, that for a page that Matt has linked to on my site I get dozens of links from sites that just publish his feed. This wasn’t one of them however, and I’m not going to give the others any undeserved publicity!