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How Big is Randfish’s Tool?

Seattle SEO guy Randfish has published a new tool that analyzes your web page and computes a score that may be more indicative of “strength” than Google’s infamous PageRank. I visited the site, and ran the tool.

This blog is brand new, and Google gves it a Page Rank (toolbar) of one big fat ZERO. On the SEOMoz site, not only did I see an outstanding score (Page Strength of 9 overall) but they have this cool chicklet badge-like thingy you can put onto your webpage to show the PageStrength Score you got. Here’s the one I got:

That’s a little small, but still good. See what it says? Page Strentgth 9! Hah! Go ahead, show me YOURS !

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One Response to “How Big is Randfish’s Tool?”

  1. john andrews Says:

    Of course those who bother to hover will notice that’s a ranking up there. As with many of the posts on this blog, there is a smattering of tongue-in-cheek and some basic assumption of seo sophistication here. Don’t worry. It’s not contageous.