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Blog Silence? What a Waste.

In my WordPress dashboard I saw a mention of “One Day Blog Silence”. I followed the link, and saw a page promoting a “day of blog silence” in honor of those touched by the Virginia Tech tragedy. What a waste. The blog world doesn’t need silence. The families and friends of those killed and injured don’t need a no-blog-post day. Our American society doesn’t need silence regarding this event, and the world doesn’t need silence around this event. If anything, we need more talk.

If you’re a blogger, why should you be “quiet” out of respect? You should be blogging.

Blog about the outrage that a young man would be so moved by the events of his world that he would arm himself and massacre dozens of his peers, and then himself.

Blog about your views on gun control – should we allow citizen arms, and if not, how do we defend ourselves? And if we do allow arms, how do we prevent acts of armed violence? Why is our own local police force arming itself with powerful crowd control weaponry, and since it is, what should be our rights to bear arms?

Blog about the prison system, which has grown into one of the most profitable government-industrial complexes in our society. Blog about how hundreds of thousands of low-level criminals are jailed each year, while the FBI virtually stopped prosecuting white collar criminals after 9-11 because field agents were pulled over to terrorism duty. Blog about how ex-convicts can’t vote until they pay off financial debts to society for all offenses, yet regular citizens can vote even while in bankruptcy court (deep in unpaid debts).

Blog about how our American society is driven by fear and fear mongering, to the point of excessive self-ensconced individualism. Blog about how that closed-door, protect myself individualism erodes confidence and fosters the kind of paranoia that fuels radical and blind religious and political fanaticism. Banning gay marriage to protect the American Family? How about stopping the assault on non-faith-based community, as a means of protecting the American family?

Blog about how a young man, desperate for whatever reason to take action to relieve himself of his emotionally painful personal predicament, sees no better option than assaulting a helpless community one bullet at a time. Blog about the way society, whether it was his father, his mother, his neighbors, the bullies at his school or the nasty clique that excluded him from social activities, taught him to respond with bullying aggression that includes bolting escape exits, targeting upper floors, and carrying multiple hand guns “execution style”.

Courage is a powerful and poorly understood character trait, but it is invariably courage that improves the world. Have some courage. Don’t stay silent. Speak up, and do your job.


  1. Tyler wrote:

    I can see your point as well as Lorelle’s point on the issue.
    I think that it depends on one’s own feelings toward the issue whether they feel that more good can come of a passionate blog post or by them simply staying silent.
    Thank you for the polar opinion. We are not all cut from the same cloth.
    Have a great day,

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 12:55 pm | Permalink
  2. Chris Bose wrote:


    My take is that the “one day silence” is an example of the prudish aspect of some parts of American society. Gun control and the prison system you mentioned are seen as a “cartoon” in the minds of many. Its not real to them. However, they think they can identify with the 32 strangers in some “real” way and so suggest the silence as if they were personally connected.

    It reminds me of the scene in Apocalypse Now, when the soldiers shoot up the boat they thought contained VietCong, kill almost everyone and then look to try and save the life of the young woman who survives. So the Martin Sheen character shoots her. The first shooting was a cartoon to the soldiers, the second was “real”.


    Sunday, April 22, 2007 at 5:38 am | Permalink