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Jill or Lisa?

Lisa Barone says SEO is in the details (“sweat the small stuff“)

Jill Whalen says the details don’t matter (“don’t sweat the small SEO stuff“)

Who is right?

What matters in SEO is what gets you to the top spot. Not the second spot, or the third spot, but the top spot for which your web page is qualified. If your page has what it takes to be #1 for your target term, you need to do whatever it takes to accept that reward. That’s when you listen to Lisa. Make it perfect, and get what you deserve.

Now, what qualifies your page for the coveted top spot? Of course that varies with the market niche and particular competitive situation. Often it involves off-page factors you do not control with on-page SEO. Eager to do what it takes to earn that top spot? Listen to Jill. She’ll help you get to the point that you need to hire Lisa. Really.

Now ask me how I know. I’m competitive. It’s what I do.

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3 Responses to “Jill or Lisa?”

  1. Natasha Robinson Says:

    You know John,

    I have read some of the posts that have popped up about Jill’s post and I think they are missing the point that I got from the article. Which is that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff UNTIL you’ve gotten through the bigger, more important stuff like Keyword Research. And I agree wholeheartedly. So many people (by this I mean, small business owners who implement seo themselves) focus on the minutia of SEO (which is important), such as how many characters should be in a title, etc., before even doing extensive keyword research that can’t be gained from the RIP, Yahoo Keyword tool.

  2. Jill Says:

    Bingo, Natasha! :) Thanks for that clarification.

  3. Daniel R Says:

    Right on Natasha! Research, Strategy than Tactics.