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Google’s Most Embarassing Moments

Prompted by Google’s public efforts to warn the world of evil lurking, I thought it might be interesting to highlight where Google could easily do more to protect the public. Let’s highlight some “low hangng fruit” for the good boys and girls of Google, should they care to improve SERP quality in the name of Good.

Where are the Google SERPs doing evil?

For me, Google should be ashamed for including and it’s network of sites in the top 10 for so many consumer health searches (acupuncture, chiropractor, naturopathy, dental mercury, fluoridation, chinese medicine). I’m convinced Google is doing a serious bit of evil by recommending that site to consumers interested in learning about health issues. I’ve heard for years of reports and even successful law suits over the misleading “medical reporting”, the commercial bias, and the questionable credentials of the publishers of quackwatch. Still, numerous page 1 and often top 3 results for core one-word consumer health information queries. (If you read health information, see WebSite Review on this page for the kind of criticisms the quackwatch site receives from smart people).

What SERPs in your field are so incorrect or misleading that Google should be ashamed for compiling them?