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SEO Wines and Japanese Incense

I do a fair amount of SEO work and often it seems the detail is endless, the volume of work remaining always immense, and the urgency just as reliably dramatic. So I have come to appreciate what I refer to as SEO Music, SEO Incense, and SEO Wine. These things calm the soul and soothe the wit. Listen to SEO Music, drink SEO wine, and burn SEO incense while working on SEO and it all seems..well… more tolerable.

Just thought I’d mention that I’ve already created an SEO wine list. It will contains links to web sites of wine providers, using as anchor text the particular wine that I like to enjoy while working in SEO. Feel free to recommend your own favorites. I look forward to trying them out.

I will be adding an SEO incense list as well, but not an SEO Music list. That would be too much work, and I just use Pandora for that anyway.

To kick off this historical Quality of SEO Life initiative, here are tonight’s guests in my home office:

SEO Wine: Benton-Lane Pinot Noir 2004 in my favorite Reidel ‘O’ series Pinot Noir stemless stemware (see note 1)

SEO Incense: Arbre a Tre Encens Japonais from Esteban Paris (tea shrub) – (see note 2)

SEO Music: Badmarsh & Shri “Signs”, set to repeat. (see note 3)

Note1: I discovered Benton-Lane while visiting Eugene, Oregon in 2003. It was the most enjoyable Pinot I had ever had, and I brought a bottle with me back to the east coast. A year later I was able to buy it locally in New York. I enjoy Pinot Noir as it is less serious than Cabernet, and doesn’t make me snack like a good Cab does.

Note2: I was introduced to Esteban incense while in New York City, specifically the woods series of Esteban incense from The wood series was natural and very high quality stickless incense, and a very good match for my “personality” (and I suppose therefore my SEO work). Sadly, they stopped making it due to the high cost of purity. The Esteban Feuilles series (leaves) is not nearly as good for me, but still very good, and much better than the stick incense and even my Shoyeido stickless Japanese incense. I wish it weren’t so obviously artificially colored.

Note3: I picked up the Badmarsh & Shri “Signs” CD back in 2003 while trekking from Seattle thru Vancouver and lower BC. It was my first trip to the region and I spend several days hiking/busing with my backpack and a portable CD player. I picked up some of Asian Fusion CDs and Badmarsh & Shri was in the player as I walked across the long bridge to Richmond on a glorious sunny and breezy day. Perhaps it has nothing to do with SEO, but when I work with Signs playing in the background, I am happy. If you can feel happy while doing creative SEO work, you are very lucky indeed.


  1. otto wrote:

    Oh, the joy of incense…

    I bought a lot in Kyoto which lasted for a long time. Sadly, I was never able to re-stock and they weren’t really set up to sell long-distance to a non-Japanese speaking wannabe customer…

    The closest thing I found was actually Shoyeido. Again, not available on-line but purchased through a catalogue in Germany. Not easy, but with trial and error, I discovered some very nice ones, such as Plum and Trea of the nature series (short sticks) to name just 2. I couldn’t find these at, but they might have them under a different name. If they don’t, I’d be happy to send some by mail if you want to give them a try.

    As with everything, quality comes at a price, but it’s worth it. I don’t like the wooden core cheap sticks which fume like an old diesel engine in winter (yes, diesels are quite popular in Belgium) For me, it has to be the Japanese type stick – fragile yet wonderful.
    I even tried the expensive ones, with high levels of Kyara wood, but didn’t appreciate them as much as I expected. At least now I know how it feels like to set fire to a lot of money.

    Especially on a winter’s day, a single stick of incense is a great start of the day.
    However, it does sometimes make it hard to wake up to the harsh reality of the daily routine as the last bit of smoke drifts away…


    Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 1:11 pm | Permalink
  2. otto wrote:

    Got it!

    If you are ever in Tokyo (that’s where the other branch is). Here’s the address:
    Tokyo Kyukyodo co. ltd
    7-4, Ginza 5 chome


    Monday, June 25, 2007 at 10:18 am | Permalink