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But The Agency People Said….

As we watch the SEO world skip and jump around the yard, TheAgency people continue to catch up, increasingly controlling the message getting through to RealClients about the importance of search marketing, how it should be done, etc. It won’t be long… pretty soon all of the technical writers communications majors search marketers will be working as in-house “seos”.

Message of the day? Video production values matter when marketing SEO on YouTube. That’s right, TheAgency says that you need to hire professionals to help make your viral videos. Well, I exaggerate. Grant goes easy when suggesting you don’t do it yourself, but still the message is there that video production values are important for delivering the message. A while back when Michael Gray posted an SEO video to YouTube, he got attention for having done it. And then, he got some more attention for having done it. And, after a bit more attention for having posted a video on SEO to YouTube, he got some attention for the content (SEO for WordPress). What was his goal, by the way? To show people he is the man to hire for optimizing WordPress blogs?

Yeah…maybe..maybe not.. it depends, right? At that time I snarkily suggested that SEO was “not ready for video” but looked forward to round two. Production values were important to the extent that they distracted from the message, and that is ALL that mattered. Because that experiment was a comparison of multiple SEO videos, the wide disparity between production values became obvious… it distracted. In such comparisons, the ideal situation is identical production values… the same interview studio, for example. Compare the message. Like a Presidential debate – wear a blue suit. The other extreme? One joker shows up in plaid, or one guys sounds clear while the other is basically inaudible.

Search marketing is about delivery of a message, but search marketing success is about the impact of the message, not the delivery. The AgencyPeople always want you to focus on the things that make them money. Only when the impact of the message delivery is aligned with the actual message delivery process do TheAgencyPeople and the SEO people get along. Of course that usually occurs after the profits have been either trimmed back or evenly split or both… and AgencyPeople are not usually very happy unless they can overpay for designer furniture, custom paint colors, and trendy artists-formerly-known-as-architect-assistants.

Let’s not assume the message is always “show Proctor & Gamble you are a quality marketer” and acknowledge that production values don’t always matter. We can debate what SEO videos need to achieve their goals in today’s market (after we settle on what those goals are… I suggest you bring a snack). Indeed, if the message is “dear Proctor & gamble, trust me with your marketing message” then yes, better hire some pros. If the message is “hire me as your SEO” than slick production values might hurt you (remember that slick SEO video guy last year? anyone?), and poor production values might get you back links and attention.

I suggest you have a competitive webmaster help you work through the value of those options, even as you review TheAgency quotes with their $400/hr studio fees (you know that always goes overtime, right?).

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  1. Graywolf wrote:

    I wish I had more time to do videos on a regular basis, I love the “series” on SEOMoz whiteboard friday. I think lonelygirl15 proved that medium can be a little different. they were shot with a mock webcam and using a bedroom as the backdrop, as is common in many youtube videos. However the lighting was perfect and the sets were always “movie set neat”.

    I have actually gotten 2 “fix my company’s wordpress blog jobs”, that were in some part related to that video, so my time was justified. If I had put a “hard sell” on the end I might have gotten more, but it really wasn’t the intent in creating it, it was more of let’s try a helpful tutorial as video link bait, and it worked.

    Me blow something out proportion … exaggerate for attention … do a bit public puffery and grandstanding for links and attention … hmm …

    Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 4:15 pm | Permalink