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Seatle Domain Conference (Domain Roundtable) $100 discount coupon code

I have ten (10) promotional discount codes “johnon2” for the Seattle Domainer’s Conference next month. Put that code “johnon2” into the “promotional code” box when you register, and get $100 off the registration fee. This comes in from the conference organizers.

Two years ago Sedo gave away 3 free tickets (old news), the hotel discount expires Friday, Todd had 5 discounts available last week.

NOTE: If you use this code and sign up, send me an email with your SMS or cell number. I’m eager to buy a round for those who read my blog, but sadly I can’t cover 1200 drinks out of this month’s pocket money, so…. the registration page is here.

Q: Why the promotion of the Seattle Domain Conference at

A: It’s refreshingly simple. Unlike much of the incestuous SEO community these days, I don’t have a “partnership” or “strategic alliance” or “joint venture” with the organizers. I haven’t agreed to free registration in exchange for promotion. I haven’t been invited to “elite dinners” or private parties. At this time I’m not even speaking or sitting on any panels (although I’m liking the idea… I’ve got my eye on the agenda, and look forward to seeing Todd from SEMPdx. Go because you want to, and use the “johnon2” discount code to get $100 off because that’s $100 of beer money back in your pocket. Simple, right?

Update 08/2007: I’ll be speaking at the Domain Roundtable. The above predates my acceptance to speak, and I have no idea how many copuons (if any) remain, but go ahead and try the code. I fit doesn’t work, email me to tell me and I’ll ask for more.
Note to the DomainRountable webmaster: fix this dead link, dude. It’s a pretty good backlink, so 301 redirect it to the agenda. Classic front controller screw up… but easily fixed.

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