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Brett Tabkey Pissed, DaveN banned, Botnets Activated

I love a good conspiracy, but I just don’t see one here. Several people have pointed to this series of events and said “wow” but no matter how hard I try, I can’t see any connection between DaveN getting banned from WebWhatevahWorld and a massive UK-based botnet attack taking down WebWhatevahWorld, just concidentally the same week that competing site (supported by DaveN) launched.

Last week: launched. DaveN says it’s cool and he’ll be participating. Danny acknowledges it competes with WebMasterWorld.

Last Week: As reported this week by Tabke, WMW was attacked by a massive botnet out of the UK, where DaveN has an ISP.

This week: DaveN notes that it looks like Brett Tabke is cloaking back links to Google in advance of launching another competing SEO/SEM news site.

This week: Brett Tabke’s WebWhatevahWorld bans long-time member and moderator DaveN.

Okay so we have all this circumstantial evidence and the details all line up, and the personalities match the potential for a conspiracy theory, but really is it that strong? Does it really suggest that DaveN (former part-owner of ThreadWatch) had anything to do with a UK-based botnet attacking webmasterworld, which is launching a direct competitor to new site Sphinn after ThreadWatch was burned out back to eliminate any threat to the commercial joint ventures? Nah.

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2 Responses to “Brett Tabkey Pissed, DaveN banned, Botnets Activated”

  1. DaveN Says:

    just saw your trackback, HAHA .. yer I think that’s a good conspiracy. but nothing else..

    I noticed I was banned before the Brett cloaking links Post thats why I posted it. and I think Brett knows I don’t own a proxynet, I’m much more upfront than to hide behind proxies .. lol.


  2. IncrediBILL Says:

    I’m mildly amused and dismayed that John buys into tin foil theories.