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Google Bids $4.6 Billion for Open Spectrum

As much as I know I will regret this later, I support Google’s effort to open the wireless spectrum use requirements. Unlike many pro-Google bloggers, I do not think this is a benevolent act by Google. And I don’t believe this is Google working to improve the world. However, the current (and former) telco industry has so screwed the consumer that I fear there is no way anything could be worse than the ad-filled, privacy-threatening GoogleView likely to come out of this.

At least with an Internet-style spectrum allocation, we end-users have some influence over the matters. Did you ever petition your local Board of Public Utilities to  change the way the telco’s operate? Of course you haven’t. The current BigTelco disaster should not be allowed to continue. Google’s $4.6 billion is our money, gathered from AdWords and the like, so putting it into the system in this way is indeed better than paying my monthly Verizon bill, for example (and no, I would never pay for that VCast crap).

So yes, “Go Google” and I bet you could double that $4.6Billion and still make a killing later.  That’s how monopoly momentum works, and that’s why Verizon can charge $45 per month for “unlimited data plan” that is in fact, extremely limited in every way they’ve been able to think of so far (andlikely to be more limited in the future). Until Google requires a social security number of every Internet searcher, Google is less of a threat than Verizon and the other telcos when it comes to spectrum allocation.

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  1. Arvind wrote:

    Totally Totally Totally with you on this.
    I really hope this auction brings about a new wave of operators.
    Kill the elephants.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 5:12 am | Permalink