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Shower Gel: Giving Google What it Wants: Ad-filled Web

Axe Shower Gel

Google wants to plaster ads on everything, and Google controls the primary search engine of the web. So, eventually, it is inevitable that Google will serve up nothing but ads.

Take a look at what you get when you do a blog search for “shower gel“. Listing after listing is a fake blog about a shower gel products, with links to shower gel product pages of online stores. Plus a few blog posts about ads for shower gel products.

Oh, and look at all the embedded AdSense.

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2 Responses to “Shower Gel: Giving Google What it Wants: Ad-filled Web”

  1. Reaper Says:

    You mean apart from your #1 position?


  2. john andrews Says:

    Yes, funny how that works. Also funny how a day later many of the splogs are gone from the SERP. Googe really seems to wants a compliant-driven search engine e.g. “serve it up until someone complains, then clean it up”

    Now, should I reward Google for that by putting AdSense onto this post? Shower Gel ads.. that’s gotta be a fortune in PPC.