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Please tell me where to go…

Attention all you SEO/SEM people out there: now is your chance to tell me where to go.

I would like to know what SEO/SEM forums, discussion groups, communities or whatever out there have a place for me to participate. Where should I look to participate in SEO/SEM discussions? Based on what you know, where (if anywhere!) should I try to contribute and join in? And while you’re at it, if you have an opinion, tell me why you think I should go there?

For example, I was in WebMasterWorld years ago, but it got very stale, very boring, and too heavily moderated. If you criticized Google, you were treated like TheEnemy. And it seemed every other thread was a fake symphony of feel-good “nice job!” follow-ons from cult-like fans of the “SEO Rockstarz”. Maybe that has changed?

SEOMoz..DigitalPoint…Sphinn… which one do you think and why? I value your comments more than what I read on the web, go figure. Thanks for the thoughts.

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9 Responses to “Please tell me where to go…”

  1. Burgo Says:

    Community input considered, I would have to say SEOmoz is definitely a winner; however, that said, their posts sometimes aren’t the most “cutting-edge”; I suppose it depends on exactly WHY you are looking to belong… is it more for the community than anything else?

    And yes, Sphinn certainly seems to be shaping up as having some interesting discussions… but you know all about Sphinn by now :P

  2. Barry Welford Says:

    If you want a good community, then you’ll find that Cre8asite Forums is hard to beat.

  3. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    Whatever you do stay away from every forum out there. Nothing but dog crap when it comes to SEO. Sorry I have to say it. Forget the stale SEO advice results that show up in the search engines. The biggest source of misinformation about SEO on the net today are the popular forums such as DP, WMW, C8S.

    Add to that, the misinformation starts to trickle into the popular blogs with popular bloggers repeating information that may sound reasonable, is inaccurate.

    The search engines (aka Matt Cutts) have penetrated so deep into the SEO community that his words (untruths and wishful thinking) are spoken as gods law by 80% of supposed SEOs these days.


  4. Brian Provost Says:

    I would recommend sticking to Instant Messenger, cell phones, and pubs.

  5. algoholic Says:

    I’d go:
    Sphinn – New Wind that came just in time to fill ThreadWatch absence.
    Seomoz – I’m a lurker, wish I had more time. – for competitive BH perspective.
    RSS Reader and G alerts – monitoring whatever.
    As many non formal meetings as you can, starting Manchester –

    I must admit that in the last year or so my forum/boards time decreased to minimum – I treat it as luxury and thanks god for Barry Schwartz ;-)

  6. Cygnus Says:

    I’ll echo scoreboard — I get a lot more out of my IM conversations, casual phone conversations, and occassional non-conference meetups.

  7. Nebraska Says:

    I think many people are looking for a home after the demise of TW. I just don’t get excited about Sphinn. It seems so… plastic or contrived? I will have to give it more time.

  8. Peter Says:

    I gave up on the forums for SEO last year, and worked on building up a local community. A couple dozen of us get together once a month in Boston. Much nicer than wading through forum crap.

  9. Richard Ball Says:

    Techmeme instead of SEO/M forums. Also, domainer blogs are more interesting than most SEO/M blogs these days, but I somehow think you already know that. ;-)