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Time to Coin an SEO Phrase? Tight Pages

Help me out here, so I can understand if we need to coin a new phrase “tight pages“.

A web page has topical content. A web page with a lot of additional, off-topic content is “bloated“. A web page full of rich content or too much content is “heavy“. A web page with too little keyword content to rank is “light“. A web page with some topical content and alot of template content is “templatic“. A web page with too much keyword content is “fat” while a page with a goodly serving is “dense“. A web page that is perfect is “optimal“or “optimized”.

So what is a web page that has nothing but the exact, keyword rich content it needs to define itself as relevant for that key phrase? I call that a “tight page“.

Sometimes Google adjusts itself in a keyword market such that it prefers “tight pages“. At that time, optimized pages that are dense but not overly fat no longer rule the SERP. They need to be “tighter”. Of course, once so adjusted, they may once again be called optimal, but in SEO discussion, one still might say “tight pages are ranking well” since it is market-specific or new.

If you’re not into the LSI style of Google optimization you may not recognize the differences between bloated and fat, or the reasons why Google make such adjustments, but that’s ok. You’ll still likely see the changes and the preferences for “tight pages” when such changes are made. I’m just looking for an easy way to refer to them.
So I think we need a new term for “tight pages“.

Please comment if you know an existing term I can use for this that SEO people will understand, or if you like this term, or if you have a better way to describe this page character. Thanks in advance.

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6 Responses to “Time to Coin an SEO Phrase? Tight Pages”

  1. Todd Mintz Says:

    Works for me.

  2. Deano Says:

    works for me too — “Tight” is TIGHT!

  3. Susan Says:

    How about “fit”

  4. Says:

    » Time to Coin an SEO Phrase? Tight Pages…

    A web page has topical content. A web page with a lot of additional, off-topic content is “bloated“. A web page full of rich content or too much content is “heavy“….

  5. Sujan Patel Says:

    Good luck coining the tearm tight places

  6. » Go Google Go! - John Andrews - Says:

    […] I speak from the viewpoint of publisher here. Today’s Google is way beyond the text engine of yesteryear now, and much smoother than the early LSI stuff we played with in ‘03. If you’ve been writing off 3+ term searches as “long tail” you should take another look at your logs today. I’m seeing highly relevant combination queries which clearly reflect user intent, ranking my theme-targeting pages with dead-on precision. If users haven’t adopted the “say more so we better understand your intent” method of searching, they will when they get used to this performance. It’s rewarding. Yeah, it’ll be tough to define what your “target terms” are going forward, but I’ve been singing that tune for a year at least already. The future of SEO is relevance, and there’s no avoiding it. The key is defining relevance, and understanding the Google’s approach to rewarding it. remember, folks. WE define relevance, not Google ;-) […]