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Web 3.0 – Now It’s All About MySpace

MySpace. The biggest thing on the net since Instant Messenger. MySpace. The #1 destination on the web if you chop up Yahoo! into separate domains and services. MySpace, where dancing bears and shoveling construction workers can’t hold a candle to embedded video clips and simultaneous ring tone wavs blaring out from dark gray on black text with a red-hearts-on-black bg gif. Only the 35+ webmasters will get the “dancing bears” joke. That’s ok. MySpace is not for 35 year olds. MySpace is for those other people. The ones everyone has always ignored. You know, the younger crowd.

Well now MySpace is the big opportunity. Christine Dolce is a star, and she STARted on MySpace. From her website:

Christine quickly established herself as an icon with looks that kill, great style and personality to match. Dubbed as the “Queen of Myspace” in a feature story in March’s issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, with over 30 million profile views and 900,000 “friends”, Christine is one of the top 3 popular out of the 80 million profiles on the site.

And those stats are old. She has since become MySpace “friends” with more than 1 million MySpace users, has launched a clothing line, modeled for Playboy, and generally replaced al lthose other blondes on the publicity circuit. Remember the “Slimfast, baby” blond star? What was her name again? See?

Chrstina Dolce didn’t get there by kismet. She didn’t get all that early attention with your typical Mash-up MySpace page. She had Baker Media setting her up. Pros at MySpace. Handlers, you might say. In the Web 1.0 SEO world on the Internet, the “SEO Rock Stars” are all in their 30’s and forties. Their classic moves are classic like in “classic rock”. Sure there are youngsters, but the real action follows on the hip hop revolution into MySpace, and the MySpace generation.

But all SEO’s know it’s never too late to adapt, and I found a blog article that presents that very, very nicely. In “Secrets to Launching Your Empire (or how to become an A-Lister overnight) Part Two“, Cowboy says this deep inside an excellent pesonal review of MySpace, in the section called “Speak Their Language”:

The Myspace crowd is a lovey dovey population, its also a hate filled population. It’s a young population that is much different than our parents. The MySpace generation has been exposed to more in a shorter period of time. Consider all the school shootings. Consider 9/11, the first attack on the mainland in our history. Consider all the useless wars we are fighting, the taking away of our rights, consider our socio-economic dumbing down. The MySpace is the Underground America. It’s where the future wars will be fought for the minds and hearts of Americans. The MySpace generation is highly emotional. It’s very real. Many people on MySpace communicate on Myspace better than in real life. To them MySpace is a reality….It’s friends without borders. Many people on Myspace use it to communicate with people they have been friends with but are separated with. Many people on MySpace could care less about commercialization of society but desire to recreate some community that they most definetly have lost due to broken relationships at home, a bitter war, and a fucked up reality being drowned out by commercialization.

I added the bolds and fixed a typo or two, and ellipses (…) mean I skipped some. But all of it is good. You should read it. Especially the part that goes

it’s time to simplify your business and begin to communicate with your customers. Blogs are a great way to do this. Like wise your blog is a great place to launch a business. Even if your blog only has a handful of readers. I would much rather have a business launch with a handful of customers who believe in my brand than launch a business with 10 million dollars in extra cash. And that’s what Web 3.0 really is. It’s about communicating and leveraging your friends into developing the only the brand that matters and that’s yours.

Did you see it? I know you did. You definitely saw it. Web 3.0. That’s right, we can now happily skip right over that useless, unremarkable industrial era of tool development known as Web 2.0, and jump right into the culturally immense upside-down anarchy of MySpace and community development. Whew. I thought it would never get here.