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Anyone remember Castro Convertibles?

In the 1940s when TV was starting, the first local television commercial in NY showed 4 year old Bernadette Castro opening the Castro sofa bed all by herself. That became one of the most frequently aired commercials of all time. At age 12, Miss Bernadette starred in a re-make which was the first color television commercial to air. If you’re over 35 years old, chances are good you’ve seen it at least a few dozen times in your life.  I’m guessing I was watching cartoons like Gigantor and Speed Racer back in the early seventies,  and I stared at that little girl running around the living room so many times I still have the CAH-stroh CON-vertibles jingle memorized.
I just saw a Beamax projection screen video showing an adorable  2 1/2 year old opening and closing a wall-mounted video projection screen, all by herself.  The screen survives within easy reach of a 2 1/2 year old. That’s gotta be good press for Beamax. Is “Evi” the modern-day Bernadette Castro?

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109 Responses to “Anyone remember Castro Convertibles?”

  1. John Says:

    Didn’t it start:

    Who’s the first to conquer living space?

    That brings back nice memories. But I also remember being confused, because everyone was yelling about Castro taking over Cuba. I didn’t understand how he could also have a furniture store.

  2. Jill Says:

    Yep, I remember them!

  3. Frank Says:

    I used to work for them…good product

  4. Michael Teseniar Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible Chair that the back raises up into an ironing board with a GE iron and GE hairdryer in the back. All still works! I would love to get any information on this piece of furniture I could. On the back of the chair after it is raised up it has the Castro Convertible sticker stating it meets the 1920’s compliance and the sticker showing it was inspected. Please advise if anyone has information about this piece. Pictures available

  5. Nick Izzo Says:

    I remember that ad – I was always confused by the second line, though. I just found it and it’s no wonder

    Who was the first to conquer space
    It’s incontroverible!
    that the first to conquer living space
    is Castro Convertible
    Who conquer space with fine design
    Who saves you money all the time
    Who’s tops in the convertible line?
    Castor Convertible!

  6. David Adelman Says:

    Does anyone have a logo for them?

  7. Angela Says:

    I don’t ever remember actually seeing a commercial but this is my “family”. Bernard Castro(who started the company) was my Grandfather’s Brother. We had a Castro Convertable sofa until about 9 years ago.

  8. Ian Castro Says:

    Does anyone have a photo or image of the Castro Convertibles billboard in Times Square they can send me?

  9. Bill Medvecky Says:

    I worked on “Southern Trail” in the 1960’s based in Ft. Lauderdale.

    i drove Bernadette to her first honeymoon at the Fontanbleau.

    Jr. and I were about the same age, and we became good friends along with a cousin of his (A girl), from Connecticut. As I recall vividly, Teresa treated her side of the family like servant’s.

    I always thought that Bernard would end up marrying Rocky Marciano’s daughter.

    I was gone before he died, and frankly, attributed a lot of the blame to his mother who spoiled her children rotten.

    Bernard was a good friend, but he had the view that he could get away with anything and his mother would always bail him out. It cost him his life.

    I feel sorriest for Bernard’s children, whom Teresa had nothing more to do with.

  10. Nina Says:

    To “Michael Teseniar”
    You say you have a piece with the ironing board, etc. I would love to see pictures of this!! If you’d like to share please do, Anyone else that might have some to share- that would be great.
    I’m a huge fan of functional furniture and while shopping and researching for some new pieces, it led me down the road to read up where it all got started. It’s been such a fun ‘ride’ that I’d like to consider this subject for a school project. I’d like to include some pictures of Castro Convertibles pieces. Thanks!

  11. Pamela Skyrme Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible sectional sofa. It was covered in a gold velvet, the back was ‘tufted’ and it had a skirt around the bottom. I had it recovered (not velvet) and the skirt removed so that it has a clean modern look. The bed is very comfortable still and the sofa looks great. I believe it was purchases in the 1960’s from the Tampa FL store. I bought it for $50 from the original owners in 2001 and it sat in my garage for several years before I had it redone. I’m glad I did.

  12. Michele McGough Says:

    I have a convertable table. It starts as a beautiful coffee table and converts to a table that seats eight. I can’t quite figure out how it works, but I’ve seen my mother open it up, it’s pretty cool.

  13. tatee bunin Says:

    Michele, I have the same table….release the Slide Bar to the left and it will spring up, then flip the table flap into double the size…I wonder what these are worth. My Mother-in-law was the original owner. I wouldn’t sell it for anything, just because it’s a conversation piece.

  14. LOUISE Says:


  15. Richard Kelly Says:

    My Castro convertible coffee/dining table is in need of repairs(the hardware). Can these pieces be purchased, and if so how,and where. Thank you. R.Kelly

  16. Gracie Says:

    I just purchased what I consider to be a chair and a half for $50! It is a Castro Convertible. It is very boxy and modern. It has a twin bed mattress in it. It is in the original fabric I am sure which happens to be a Fern green color. Very cool chair indeed! I don’t know the time in which it was built but I imagine it came from the Florida store since I live in Atlanta. I just thought I would share how excited I am to have such a neat piece of furniture that seems to hold a little place in history! (by having the Castro name!)

  17. E Simpson Says:

    I want to purchase a Castro Convertible Queen size sofa bed. Just like the one I purchased in San Juan, P.R. in 1965. I was told at that time, IF,I recall correctly, that Castro supplied the Hilton Hotel with all there beds and sofas.

    It was the best bed. We slept on it every night for over a year. As far as we were concerned it was as good as any bed. I wish I still had it.

    Instead of sleeping perpendicular to the back of the sofa, you slept parallel to the back of the sofa. The support was wonderful. The fold in the mattress was in the center between the two sleeping people, and the poodle. She loved it too!

  18. diane Says:

    looking to purchase a castro convertible coffee table live in long Island ny, if possible a dark wood color

  19. anita Says:

    i have an old castro convertible fold up bed that i’m looking for a mattress. the matress comes in two pieces . i wish i could find one . i hate to part with the fold up cot. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Jack Says:

    diane, their is a table & chairs for sale at Boston Craigs List.

  21. Jack Says:

    diane, seller is Good luck..

  22. Jack Says:

    E Simpson: A queen sized Sofa Bed at – New Haven Craigs list. Sale – Good luck.. Hey Guys! Try looking into Craigs list. Best of luck to all. I remember the commercials and I remember driving by the company in NYC as a child..

  23. Nicole Says:

    I have a castro Convertible coffee/dining table that I am trying to sell. I’m asking $250 obo if anybody is interested. I live near Lancaster, PA. It is the darker wood color.

  24. jessica Says:

    Castro Convertibles Queen SOfa bed for sale!

    (ad deleted)

    @jessica: Sorry, but this is not craigslist so please don’t publiush your ads here.

  25. susan Says:

    I have two Castro Convertible Coffee/Dining Tables and live in Long Island. If you are interested please let me know.

  26. violet Says:


    what color are the tables you have…i am looking for a black one.

  27. susan Says:

    The tables are a dark brown wood color. Let me know if you are interested.

  28. Dolores Says:

    Like Anita, I also have a Castro Convertible ottoman which converts into a bed. I need anothere matress. The frame is in perfect condition. I bought it in NY in the 1960s. I love it. Let me know where one can be purchased.

  29. Arlyne Says:

    E. Simpson,

    I have a Castro Convertible Queen Size Sofa for sale. I live in Ocala, Florida.

  30. sonya Says:

    i’m looking for a castro convertible table – preferably a dark color but am flexible. i live in south carolina – if you know of or have one for sale, please email me at willing to pay shipping charges.

  31. Aggie Says:

    Does anyone know where to purchase the mattress for the ottoman castro? I basically grew up with that in my bedroom and would hate to give it up.

  32. Mickey P Says:

    This is for #3 – Frank…I worked for Castro Convertible as well. I drove a truck for them 1960 – 1970.

    #7 – I also would like a picture of the Time Square Sign… additionally, T would to get a picture of the Truck.


  33. Mickey P Says:

    I’m looking for pictures of the Castro Convertible delivery truck…can anyone help???

  34. Arleen Says:

    What fond memories, I remember growing up in my grandmothers house in the mid 60’s, every piece of living room furniture was a castro convertible. We have a very large family, for the holidays the whole family would come to visit and everyone would sleep over parents,grandchildren great-grandchildren. In the morning there would be beds opened all over the livingroom and in the 2 spare rooms. The adults would go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for roughly 30-35 relatives that had stood over.Due to Castro Convertible furniture family staying over in large groups was never an issue when it came to sleeping there was alway room.

  35. mary heims Says:

    Susan-I am looking for a castro convertible table. Do you still have one and what is the price if you do? I live in NJ.

  36. Shyamala Says:

    I would love to have a castro convertible coffee/dining table. Are any of the ones mentioned here still available? I live in San Francisco area so I would need to ship these unless someone out there is in California with one of these tables. If you have one available, any idea how much shipping might be?

    Thanks for your response.

  37. barbara martinez Says:

    Hi: I have A Casro Conventible coffee/dining table I want to sell. I live in S.C. and will mail you pictures if you are interested.It is medium colored and in good condition…thanks barbara

  38. Rov Burgess Says:

    Is Castro Convertible still in business and if so where are they located.

  39. Frank O Says:

    That jingle drove me crazy, and it still does. Make it stop!!!!
    It’s not on youtube…

  40. Kathy Says:

    I have a castro convertible table for sale. It starts out looking like a cradenza. You pull the front straight out for about 10 feet. There is a metal track that hold the leafs. once together it makes a dining room table that seats about 14 people.
    I can email pictures if you are interested and we can discuss prices
    I live in North Florida
    if interested please email me at

  41. Margaret D (NY) Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible combination coffee-dining table that has been in my family for more years than I can remember. I believe it was manufactured in late 50’s early 60’s It’s in nearly perfect condition, too. There are some usage marks on the legs, but mechanically, this treasure is sound.
    You can find tables like this for sale around the country and online. Prices range from $300 to $600. It’s a handy table for an apartment or small house, because it can serve as a coffee table in the living room, then convert to a dining table comfortable for four people. The legs expand to dining height and the top lifts up on a hinge to double in size. Castro Convertible Corp.’s original patent for the table was issued in 1972, but the company may have been manufacturing the tables before then. Castro, founded in New York in 1931, was better known for its convertible sofa beds. The company was sold to Krause’s Furniture, Inc., in 1993. Krause closed in 2002.
    The Danish modern style spring loaded Coffee Table / Dining Table lifts to table height and top swivels and folds open to reveal a table big enough to easily accommodate 8 people to have dinner.

    Coffee Table
    46″(L) x 26″(W) x 16″(H)
    3″ Thick Table Top
    Dining Table:
    49″(L) x 44″(W) x 29″(H)
    1″ Thick Table Top

  42. Carla Says:

    I remember the Castro Convertible Furniture. They made it in Ocala, Fl. That ironing board-hair dryer thing was in the school the Castros built-Golden Hills Academy. Mrs Castro had a huge sale every year and always sold some of them. She put them in every dorm room.

  43. carlos torres Says:

    I was given a castro convertible table by a friend. it was trashed but the hardware works. I am rebuilding it using bammboo for the cofee table and 200yr old growth walnut for the rest of the table. im building this table the way castro should of built it.

  44. Beverly N Says:

    We’ve got a Castro convertible dark brown coffee/dining table we’d love to sell to a good home, if anyone is interested. It’s in good condition and has been in my husband’s family for many years. My mother-in-law always liked to have the most modern innovations. We had many holiday dinners (with extra guests) around this table. Sweet memories! We live near Ocala, Florida.

  45. Gladys Barriner Says:

    Do anyone know how I can contact Bernadette or Terri? I would like to contact them. In 1973, I worked for the Castro’s in the twenty-one bedrooms manison. In 1973, I provided some care for Terri Ann, David, and I can not remember the baby name.

  46. Jim Says:

    She resides here in Ocala, FL The home of Castro Convertibles. She also has a NY Office.

  47. Gigi B Says:

    I believe Bernadette now lives in Ocala, Florida. If I am correct she owns a golf course there.

  48. Robert (Gotcha) Says:

    I was a body guard for the Castro family and plan on writing a book, Mr Castro and I have had many talks about his son and daughter Bernadette. If anyone would like to contribute to the book please contact me. Lived with them in the sons home after his death.

  49. Regan Hinerman Says:

    My neighbor just gave me a vintage 1960’s Castro Convertible Sofa. I was so impressed with the styling of the 60’s vintage sofa. It is a black sofa with three black and white striped cushions on the seat and back. It has chrome trim that runs around the front, back and sides. This is a beauty! It looks like designer furniture from the French or Italians. Does anyone know if these vintage sofa’s have any value?
    For me, it is priceless but I am curious how collectalbe it is.

  50. Freda Says:

    My Aunt is selling her Castro convertible Coffee/dining table. She lives in Queens, NY. It is walnut colored.

  51. Jennie L Says:

    Help! Am also looking for a replacement mattress (original came in 2 pieces – one long part and one rectacular small piece) for our folding Castro Convertible ottoman. See that others also requested info. Any luck?

  52. paul Says:

    In answer to an earlier question of whether Castro convertibles are still manufactured, I quote from a NY Times article:
    11 June 1993, New York Times, pg. B5:
    Last month, Bernadette Castro — who assumed the mantle after her father died two years ago — sold the Castro Convertible trademark, the rights to the feather-lift mechanism and the factory’s remaining inventory to a California-based chain of sofa-bed stores, Krause’s Sofa Factory, which is part of the Worth Corporation. The plant in New Hyde Park, which employs 65 people, is to close this summer.

  53. Francesca DeLuca-Vinas Says:

    August 30, 1990 my mother-in-law lived up the block from the New Hyde Park store and took me inside and bought me the dove style sleeper loveseat

  54. bill mac donald Says:

    I have a castro table dark color 3 way table coffe/cocktail/dinning its fantastic
    Iam in ct photos upon request
    like new conditon


  55. terrry schill Says:

    We have a Castro Convertible sofa. It is sort of a lime green and in great shape. The unique thing is that it converts into two twin beds instead of one large queen. There is a little night stand that pops up in between the beds. I was wondering is there is a market for this and how in the world you move these. It weight a ton. THanks…Terry

  56. susan dulger Says:

    We have two castro dark brown color covertible tables for sale. The tables are in mint condition. Will email photos upon request. I am located in long island, ny.

  57. Francesca DeLuca-Vinas Says:

    I absolutely LOVE my black courderouy dove-style individual sleeper sofa. I would sell it for the $800 I paid for it, but ONLY to someone who respects and loves the Castro quality reputation. If you want new, go to jennifer sofa for the similar concept, $700. i prived it last month in the Bay Shore, Long Island, NY store. They buy on bulk from cheaper Asian labor mills. Although this was hardly slept on. Hardly even sat upon. Used for weekend guests in our downstairs. Terrific condition.

  58. Jeanne Danilczuk Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible ottoman in mint condition – the cover is a little beat up due to my cat’s love of the ottoman – however the mattress is in mint condition and the frame is as good as new – I would be interested in how much it is worth at this point. We now live in a condo and have no room for it.

  59. Karen Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the Information/history update about Castro Convertible – Ottoman
    I’d also been searching for information about this. Helpful hints from other bloggers reported there was a Krause’s Furniture acquisition of this company. Website says business location now/or/most recent contact info lists it in Brea, CA 92821 – – I hope they have mattresses. I am trying not be wasteful – -I’ve got a good frame and need a mattress as well. Noted also by 3-4 others on the blog.

  60. Pat Hartford Says:

    My husband and I just purchased a used pull out couch. It is in wonderful shape and we use it every night. It is soooo comfortable. We don’t know how old it is, but we do know that Castro Convertable has not been in business for a long time. We do have the original Castro sticker with the little girl pulling out the couch, along with the patent #, and their trademark.The stock#, order# and serial# has worn so we cant read it. But, its the best pull out sofa we ever slept on.

  61. Nathan Says:

    If anyone has a castro convertible coffee/dining table in the Philly/NYC area I’m interested. Thanks!

  62. Robert (Gotcha) Says:

    I am presently still writeing a book on the Castro family, if anyone would like to contibute to lives with the Castro family please contact me at my E-Mail address. I am looking for a New York publisher. Gladys if you still need to know how and where to contact some of the family let me know. (Gotcha)

  63. Sheena Says:

    @ Freda, How much is the table?

  64. Alix Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible sofa that we bought in 1970 in NYC. Rather boxy, and VERY heavy, due to its oak frame. Black/white originally (but washable!), won a design contest somewhere. Had it recovered in 1978, and we still use it in the rec room. Needs a new mattress though.

    Imagine — 40 years old and counting!

  65. Dena Says:

    I have a castro coffee table in a cherry wood color. I am in NY. It is in ok condition.
    You can contact me at

  66. Leita Says:

    I have a castro coffee table from the 60’s.
    I don’t think it’s any older than that though.
    Still in great shape.

  67. Debra Mongiello Says:

    I won the Castro Convertible Trademark Girl contest in Long Island in 1967 (I think it was 67) and I did the commercials for a few years. Later I believe that Bernadette’s children did the commercials. I was told I was the only non-Castro to star in the commercials.

  68. nancy Schwarzberg Says:

    Jeanne Danilczuk
    jeANNE, MY MOTHER IN LAW WANTS TO BUY THE TWIN BED IN OTTOMAN-DO YoU STILL HAve it, and what state are you in?

  69. Rocky Lawrence Says:

    I knew Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Castro and was their guest on the Southern trail and their home in Ocala, Fl. I was also present when the Movie, Smokey and the Bandit III
    was made on their farm in Ocala. I remember Mr. Castro telling me that he was close friends with Rocky Marciano. They were nice folks that always treated me well!

  70. Alan Zinke Says:

    Good morning!!
    I have the complete set up of the Castro Convertible bed that some have spoken of… It is OLD (I do not know how old) and the frame is HEAVY!!! (like they used to make things which is why it has lasted so long!!
    I am interested in finding out the current, if any, value… To those who asked, yes, it has the two piece mattress and there is ‘old’ tape covering the springs that attach the mattress to the frame.
    It came from my wifes Grandmother years ago and I would like to sell to relieve the space it takes up. (I keep it folded up with the mattress in plastic)
    The mattress is definitely used but not abused.
    Al Zinke – Richmond, VA

  71. Robert (Gotcha) Says:

    I have been gathering information from people that worked for the Castro family as I plan soon to write a book about when I worked for them.This book will cover the entire family dateing back to when Mr Castro was a close friend of Rocky Marciano and the many stories he told me about Rocky.Being a body guard for the family was a real story in its self with being part of the family with Bernard an Theresa Castro.What really happened to Rocky Marciano’s fortune ? It will be in the book.Want to know about what Bernadette said she would do with the mansion in Ocala after Bernard and Theresa passed away ? It will be in the book. Want to know what she told a Federal Judge in Tallahassee, Florida about her politics, It will be in the book.Mr Castro and I was so close he told me why as we ate together daily why I had to eat the food served first unless he cooked for he and I himself. He was a great cook. It will be in the book. I lived in his son’s house on the property in Ocala and married Mrs Castro”s secretary on her best wishes, It will be in the book. Anyone wishing to tell there story contact (Gotcha) at for a appointment.

  72. JohnJay60 Says:

    As a youngster in Florida in the 60’s, I knew about Cuba’s Castro and was trying to amuse my friends by talking about “Castro Convertibles” facing competition from “Kosygin Cushions” but no one got the joke – a tradition that has lasted to this day.

  73. Teresa Says:

    Castros are my frist cousins I would be interested on what in put your looking for

  74. Donna Says:

    I have just recently purchased a Castro Convertible! I saw it at a thrift store and feel in love with it! I was even more excited to find it had a small bed in it! I have never even heard of this, so I would love some info on it! Thanks, Donna

  75. Chris Critelli Says:

    Did anyone know my grandfather, Dominick Critelli, who worked at Castro in the 1960’s and 70″s?

  76. Mike Says:

    I have a Castro convertible coffee table that’s pretty unique. I’ve done searches for a while now and have never seen another one like it. It has a nautical theme, with a ship steering wheel in the center of the table, and 2 anchors flanked out on either side.

  77. Wayne Says:

    Way back in the mid 70’s I use to deliver Castro Convertible Sofas in Massachusetts.
    We use to have races to see who could take them apart and put them back together again the fastest. Then the big fools, like me, would see if they could pick up a full size sofa and put it on their shoulder. I did it but I paid for it. Young and foolish. I wonder if they still make them as good now as they did back then? I had one myself. When I brought it home, my wife knew then that all of my taste was in my mouth. “BLACK AND WHITE CHECK”. Please no comments.

  78. Debra Bierach Says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a 2 piece mattress for my Castro Convertible fold out bed?

  79. Gloria Lapsley Says:

    I have the Castro Convertible ottoman bed which is so perfect for the occasional sleepover but I too need a new mattress. If you find out where to get one, please pass it on. Thanks

  80. Charles Saltzman Says:

    I lived on Long Island until ’97. I always got a kick out of the TV commercial. I was watching a sports show on TV and saw the name Castro. It reminded me of the old Castro convertible commercial. So, I decided to see what the internet has to say about the Company. It’s gone! It’s sad to lose a part of your past.

  81. K Cummins Says:

    I have an ottoman (black vinyl cover)/twin mattress which I find too burdensome though it’s been in my family for umpteen years. The mattress is definitely not of today’s quality (read: comfort) but it’s sleepable is covered with pad and sheets. I’m in Portland Oregon and may be reached @

  82. Cathy Martin Says:

    I remember a Castro Convertible store in the Typsons Corner Shopping Mall when it first opened in 1968. It was the first enclosed mall in Northern Virginia. Even though I was just a kid, I enjoyed browsing with my mother in Castro Convertibles. They always had such interesting, quirky stuff. My mom purchased a set of three scroll-designed wrought-iron round cushioned seats (like ottomans, I guess). When not used for extra seating in our living room they nested one on top of another. When nested together they took up little space, each being about 18-inches in diameter and 15-inches tall. They were functional, practical, and attractive. Presently they are in dire need of re-cushioning and reupholstery, which I will get around to one of these days. Castro Convertibles was a “cool” store, as were so many music and design facets of the 1960s.

  83. Ann G. Bolton Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible Ottoman that opens to a single bed. Mattress and furniture are in good condition and has a skirted coverall. Can anyone tell me what it is worth? I would like to advetise it for sale here in Miami. Thanks!

  84. Amy Says:

    I live in Texas and just discovered the Castro Convertible table on-line. I am very interested in purchasing one, but haven’t found one locally or anyone willing to ship. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks!

  85. Dee Taylor Says:

    My mother has a WONDERFUL Castro Sleeper Sofa in her family room that is about 30 years old. It has been re-upholstered once, but it is the longest, most comfortable sofa I have ever sat or slept on. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore! I am am trying to convince her to give it to me so I can have it re-upholstered again!

  86. donna Says:

    I remember long drives from bergen county, nj to nyc to viisit various relatives, and will forever have engrained in my memory the castro convertible jingle, never have seen one, but the jingle is unforgettable. To this day I still hum the tune. The only words I remember were ‘castro convertible’, thanks for thee anecdotes left here, was a trip down memory lane.

  87. barb Says:

    I have a castro convertible camel back queen convertible that I bought years ago, my first bed/sofa. I have tried to MOVE it but it is HEAVY and no one wants to re- upholster it because of the weight. Does anyone know the value of this item? I may even have the original receipt.

  88. dee Says:

    I have a castro convertible coach and loveseat for 20 years people think that they are brand new but now they are starting to show wear and tear on them so i called castro to repair them they said they can do them brand new for me i looked out there for coaches and they are garbage nothing like a castro they are the best even my dinning room table have it for 20 years also they are they best to bad they are gone now wish they was still in business will by again from them. but they do only repairs on the sofas they are coming this March lets see what they charge and if the price is right and they do a good job will do it.

  89. Mich Says:

    Does anyone rememeber a Castro Convertible commerical that aired in the mid to late 1960’s and 1970’s with a little blonde girl featured in it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  90. Sarah Says:

    I have a castro convertible coffee table/table available for sale in San Diego county if anyone is interested email me at for photos. I’m willing to ship if you arrange for pick-up and payment. Thanks.

  91. Evelyn Says:

    Does anyone have any information on where to get a bent frame of a castro convertible fixed? Am in a panic as I use this bed all the time.
    Please leave a number of a company. I will contact this site to find any info.
    Thank you !

  92. LLuvia Says:

    I too have one of those chairs with the back that opens into an ironing board and with a GE hair dryer…what do you call this thing, a dressing room chair? I have never in my life seen anything like it. It is green, corduroy, in almost perfect conditions save for a bit of staining on the seat. I have been trying to track it down for years now, as to where it came from, authenticity, so on. Dying to know the value, if any, besides just being extremely cool. I have no space in my house for it, so I am looking to let go of it, just not before I figure it out. Anyone with info on this, please get back to me. Ti is a Castro Convertible, but no serial number, though the tag seems to be the original. Thanks.

  93. Roseann Maiorana Says:

    Hi I was 13 at the time. My mother purchased a full size Castro Convertible. It was like sleeping on a cloud, Well made and worth the price at the time. They dont make
    things like that anymore. Do they still manufacture I still remember the jingle which
    I often hum. God Bless

  94. Paul Deluca Says:

    Neat site: I remember the three factories in Danbury Connecticut growing up.Only one factory site is left. The other two have been demolished.Between the NewYork tv stations, and local radio, the advertising jingle stayed with me.My parents owned a Castro product. It was the thing to do being a good Danburian.Numerous people who worked for the family that i remember have passed away.Bernadette was so cute having fun with the commercials. Youtube has the company jingle if anybody is interested.Thanks again for a good website to share some Danbury nostalgia!!!!!!

  95. Bruce Winem,an Says:

    I heard about the Castro Design, about 15 years ago. It was tauted to be the best of the Convertable Designs. It may have been at a Krause store in the Chicago area. I read, here, that the design has not lost its alure or reputation. Can furniture with this design of mechanism still be purchased, new? It would be a shame if such technology was lost to history.

  96. Donna McCrummen Says:

    I have a Castro Convertible Coffee/Dining Table for sale – I’m in the NY/NJ metro area. The table is in PERFECT ORIGINAL CONDITION. Please email me for measurements and photos. Thank you.

  97. Lainey Beck Says:

    @ Donna McCrummen–Hi Donna, I am very interested in your Castro Convertible Coffee/Dining Table. Can you please send me measurements and photos?

  98. Aleka Says:

    I am interested in purchasing a convertible coffee table, colour does not matter. I live in Ottawa Canada.


  99. Helana Says:

    Just to let you all know that Castro Convertible has a Facebook page. You’ll find a telephone number there to call about replacement mattresses.

  100. Sam Says:

    We have a 50’s castro convertible table for sale – we are the original owners – bought it in New York. It opens to a dining table for 8 – great coffee table – we’ve used it also as a desk. If interested, just email back. Thanks!

  101. Kathy Says:

    I have a CT200 Castro Convertible coffee/dining table that my aunt purchased on 5/29/58 from Castro Convertibles, Jamaica, NY. I was wondering how much it is worth. Original price was $139.

  102. Ed Field Says:

    My grandmother was babysitter for her in early 50s in New York city

  103. Merry Says:

    I have a coffee-table/table in cherry red color with Castro Convertible paper label with instructions “an exclusive Castro design” in good condition & working condition I would like to sell. Kentucky contact

  104. Roslyn Says:

    I need to sell my Castro Convertible sectional of two loveseats, with 2 twin beds. Small sleek design has original upholstery in good clean condition, black with gold stripes appears as a “dark brown”, original upholstery. Original mattresses have a couple of spots, smoke-free, pet-free home, no odors. contact me at

  105. Roslyn Says:

    I forgot to mention that this is a sectional, one arm on each piece. Together it makdes an 8′ couch.

  106. Erica Says:

    @Sam- very interested in the table- in NY. You still looking to sell?

  107. Margie k Says:

    I have a Castro convertible sofa gold beige in color with fringes. In good condition. Tdhrere are also 2side chairs which matches ypholstery. Does any know approximate worth of these items. Bothered are pick up only. Live in Bronx near throngs neck bridge

  108. Gotcha Says:

    I am still writeing a book of when I was a body guard for Bernard an Mrs Castro so if you got a story to tell please contact me at my E-Mail address for a apointment.For anyones information Bernadette is CEO of Castro Convertibles again as she has reacquired the Castro Convertibles name from Krause Furniture that they acquired from Bernadette in 1993. The Golden Hills Golf and Turf Club was sold by Bernadette in June of 2011 after being in the family 50 years.

  109. Nathan Says:

    I have a really neat retro style couch/lounge that I’m trying to get information on. Can any one help me please?