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Here Come the MySpace SEOs

This post is a bit premature. But I post it anyway. hell, I can always update it.

Here come the MySpace SEOs. Where? Well, I said it was premature. But they will come. And when they do, will you be ready?

I am a big fan of newbie SEOs. I was a big fan of Matt of WordPress fame back before his darker days, when he had just started out on the SEO route. I called him an SEO. Yes, before the doorway pages. Just because of the way he fostered the WP community, and set up his Photomatt community. Dead-on SEO character.

My prior MySpace post made me consider what will happen when all those MySpace community diggers learn their way out of their paper bags and realize that their skillz might actually be used *outside of myspace*, on the broader Internet where people actually click on ads and buy things. Homepages pushed people to learn Web programming back in the day. MySpace is pushing people to learn how to garner attention for their web *pages* on MySpace today. MySpace: Training Grounds for How to Make Friends and Influence People. Markus targeted the aging AOL adopters of the very early nineties. They did the “online chat thing” back then, and their doing the online dating community involvement thing with Markus now. And Markus is taking the check to the bank.

I think my next eBook will be “How to Transfer your MySpace Skills to make Millions on the Web” or something like that :-)