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Spin Meisters – it takes one to know one

I have been known to suggest that Matt Cutts of Google likes to foster propaganda that makes competitive webmasters look like evil Black Hat wearing villains hurting the community-owned and all-magnificent public resource known as the Web. I think he loves the idea of “spam” being associated with “search engine”, and has on more than a few occasions extended effort to combine SEO with “search engine spam”.  Maybe it’s just his job. He is a PR person, last I heard.

Well it takes one to know one. Here we see Matt providing a didactic lecture on spin. He shows us how some metrics firms seem to spin their results, such that they present the facts, yet influence the reader towards a conclusion that may not be supported by the facts. That’s spin, Matt. Some call it perspective. It’s what makes SEO look evil, and Google look benevolent. Oh, you knew that? Sorry. I forgot. Of course you knew that. How else could you spot it so easily, and explain it to us all so well?