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I started this blog in July of last year, after many years of staying under the radar in SEO. Mostly I try and maintain it as an unbridled voice of a strategically-engagedĀ  SEO watching the search engines, the online market places driven by search traffic, and the crazy public promotional world of “SEO/SEM”.

I’ve decided to relocate my didactic posts (some past, most future) to, to better serve those looking to better understand practical SEO and the art of SEO engagement for commercial gain. UpperLeftPlacement will also become home to a limited-engagement search optimization practice. More news on that to come. Hopefully that will allow me to keep expectedly “snarky”, and entertaining for those who “get” SEO, an dget it onto a new more readable and SEO friendly WordPress template.

These are some of the blog posts that readers liked the most during the past year: