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Google Health Platform

Following Microsoft’s Health Vault, Google has announced that the Google Health Initiative at the Web Summit. As allof us involved with search already know, Google reminds us:

Google is already the starting point for a large majority of the health-related searches on the Web

Now we also hear that Googleis moving into local health commerce with “find a doctor” features:

Google has developed a prototype online platform for its health offering that incorporates personal medical records, health care-related search features, diet and exercise regimens, a localized “find a doctor” application, and other elements, Mayer confirmed. The company has shown the prototype to unspecified partners and is having both Google employees and “trusted testers” beta-test the system.

Google’s Mayer says that Google will help make sure you see even less of your doctor, as Google efficiencies help reduce the number of minutes a doctor has to provide to each patient:

“The goal for a lot of doctors is how many patients can they see in a day,” Mayer said. “That means their minutes per patient has got to go down, and the less time they have to spend finding and going over patient records the better. Ultimately we will design a product that’s useful for users, and also helps doctors do their job more quickly and more efficiently.”

Contrast this report to Microsoft’s Health Vault reporting, which was all about medical records, databases, and privacy. Where Microsoft announced the Health Vault to the world of medical consumers,it seems Google is going after industry support. No surprise there, eh?