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Thank You Publishers

I would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to all you publishers out there welcoming posts and comments on your publications. Seriously… thanks.

ThreadWatch was the first community site that I felt actually welcomed my contributions. I had been involved in most of the forums at one point or another, but ThreadWatch was the first where I actually enjoyed posting, and that was largely because I honestly felt my input was welcomed and appreciated. For some reason, unlike those other forums, a TW post projecting a new idea or an other-than-typical perspective did not elicit a series of counter attacks from loyalists dedicated to some mission or cause or perspective or Leader. Of course times change, and people change. TW changed hands because the people’s perspectives changed. TW changed because different people ran it. TW closed because of people… within the industry, as well as those running it.  But you publishers filled the void.

Every time I post a comment to someone else’s publication, I marvel at how cool it is that someone let’s me do that. Seriously… whatever I want to say, they allow me to say it. Sure sometimes I get moderated (rarely), but those useless publications are rare compared to the majority who consider it in stride and allow the conversation to take place. Out of respect, I publish my own blog at for the long-winded opinion stuff, but it is YOUR publication that welcomes my input (whether I execute the option or not). For that, I thank you.

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