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Google Wants to Rank Your Page #1

I had this conversation several times here at PubCon, so I suppose I should memorialize it in a blog post. Google really does want your page to rank #1….. for something. It’s 3:34am and I’m beat, but let me at least put this out there for search marketers to think about:

1. Google reads everything it can (crawls)

2. If Google has included your crawled page in the Google index, it is because Google has decided your page is unique (already passed duplicate content and importance checks)

3.  If your page is unique, then logically, it must be the most relevant page on the web for something.

4. Google wants its algorithm, with our help via click tracking and linking, to eventually figure out just what specific search query should produce your page as the #1 most relevant result. Automagically.

Think that through and you might better understand the Google.

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10 Responses to “Google Wants to Rank Your Page #1”

  1. Peter Davis Says:

    That’s the kind of logic that might make sense to someone at 3:30 AM, after a long day of hard drinking.

  2. john andrews Says:

    yes.peter but i dont drink heavily and i am lucid at 4am….i get fuzzy at about 4 pm.

    Perhaps I need to elaborate, but I’d also like to here your opinion of this concept.

  3. JaeWeb Says:

    Thanks for the fresh perspective on this issue. The blogosphere has been rife with whingers for a while now and it’s starting to get old

  4. IncrediBILL Says:

    John says he doesn’t drink heavily and “i am lucid a ram” which says it all.

    However, based on my own blogging experience I think John’s onto something because I get hits from everything you can imagine including people trying to mate with animals, which I’ve never written about, so Google definitely wants me to rank for something!

    John replies: We missed you at pubcon, Bill, but you’re still making your presence known lol. That was intended as “lucid at 4am” and i have corrected it. Typing out comments on my smartphone is not so easy, regardless of blood alcohol levels.

  5. John Says:

    Automagically has got to be one of the greatest words ever wordsmithed into being.

  6. IncrediBILL Says:

    I’ll be at SMX West since it’s practically in my backyard.

    CYA there!

  7. Purposeinc Says:

    That is a very simple, yet extremely insightful posting. I had never thought of it like that. I just can’t wait to see what the scrapper sites are supposed to rank #1 for though ;)


  8. Lucas Ng Says:

    Lucid when you consider the 20-25% new-queries-we’ve-never-seen figure that G throws around.

    Google crawls everything because it wants to be able to answer every question.

    However, what does that mean for a specific search query that really sucks? If someone writes a poorly researched article on global warming, they’d rank #1 for “crappy global warming article” but why would said website want to rank for that?

  9. Austin Says:

    Nice post, my only question is why is it taking so long for Google to make me # 1. lol

  10. Tag Directory Says:

    These days – when there are several channels on which the central theme of the discussions is if “Google is good or bad”, because doesn’t want to hear about link sell/buy – it is great that someone reminds us the other side of the story…