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SearchFest Portland

Searchfest Update for 2009: SearchFest 2009 is March 10. See SearchFest 2009 Agenda and Searchfest Portland Registration page.
Original post for SearchFest Portland 2008 follows:
The folks at SEMpdx are putting together quite a show for SearchFest March 10,2008 in Portland at the Oregon Zoo‘s Cascade Crest Banquet Center. There will be concurrent, all-day sessions and an Expo. The lineup is impressive so far. They don’t own (damn domainers) and they don’t currently rank for “searchFest” so I figure this post might help them out a bit.

Some resource links for SearchFest: SEMpdx website, SearchFest 2007, SearchFest 2008,  the SearchFest home page, a promo video from last year’s content video.

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2 Responses to “SearchFest Portland”

  1. Nebraska Says:

    Wow. They don’t own I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t come up with another name or bite the bullet and purchase a good domain.

  2. john andrews Says:

    It looks like a dmainer has it, but I don’t really know if a domainer over at SEMpdx is the one holding it.