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Modern SEO: It’s All About Knowing Matt Cutts

I’ve always had this odd distaste for conference photos, especially the ones where some guy stands next to you, gets his friend to take a photo, and then posts it on his web site as a sign of how you and he are buds. So I usually avoid it best I can. But Todd Mintz over at Portland’s Search Marketing community understands the power of marketing your Google connections, and he really does know Matt Cutts personally, so this picture of him standing with his arm around Matt didn’t bother me so much. But it did give me an idea.

>Matt Cutts

Until I can work out the logistics of getting a full-sized cardboard cut out of Matt Cutts manufactured for my next in-person meeting (I’m think $10 per digital phot of “YOU with YOUR friend Matt Cutts?”), this digital Photoshop version should work. You don’t need to wait for me, just use this template as a template, and you, too can be Friends with Matt Cutts. Insert yourself next to Matt, smile, and post it on your blog or website.

Word is that SEO customers *love* to hear you have a special relationship with Matt, because then you have insider knowledge and can probably get things fixed when you need them fixed, or perhaps even altered in your favor(?) Oh, and it’s a safe bet that Matt won’t be a Googler forever, so better to be friends with him now than when he’s a high-paid private consultant, right? Wouldn’t you like to say “Matt, buddy, you and me we go way back, right” as you put the arm around him and ask a favor? And if he doesn’t remember, just show him the photo.

Friend of Matt Cutts
Update 1/5/08: Alex reports that he, too, is buds with Matt and offered this picture to prove it. He described the scene in the caption on his blog.
Matt Cutts and Alex
Update 1/7/08: I am sorry I don’t read Danish and haven’t been able to get Google to translate this page, but I do recognize it as yet another Celebrity YOU and YOUR FRIEND MATT CUTTS spotting. This time Thomas Rosenstand with Matt outside the Googleplex mid-day, with Matt wearing a blue Google t-shirt. We know Matt only wears military green or brown t-shirts at conferences, so clearly this is a genuine image and not just a mock up of a conference photo.
Me and Matt Cutts
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12 Responses to “Modern SEO: It’s All About Knowing Matt Cutts”

  1. JLH Says:

    Seems to work for some people…

  2. H. L. Says:

    I like the idea of the cardboard cut out, I think my office would get a kick out of that. Maybe Matt should consider now, rather than wait to become a high paid consultant, to just charge people to snap photos with him … then he makes money now and later.

  3. Stuart Says:

    The title made me laugh – sadly there are some who think that it’s not what you know but who you know.

  4. Alex Says:

    Ha… I think I will take you up on the challenge. Here is a nice photoshoped picture of me and Matt in our Bboy Stance.

  5. Hobo Says:

    Nice one John :)

  6. Manish Pandey Says:

    Hmm….interesting post John!

    One Goal Added: Befriend Matt Cutts!

  7. Joe Says:

    Always enjoy a great laugh….that last picture is just badass

  8. SlightlyShadySEO Says:

    Next time a site gets penalized, just send that to Google as a warning that you are not to be messed with!

  9. shadowdaddy Says:

    Ha! A little photoshop is way easier than wading through the swarm that is always around Matt at a con, too!

  10. Thomas Rosenstand Says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for noticing my little posting :-)

    You simply gotta learn the Danish language! It’s simple to learn – even the little kids over here are quite good at it.

    Basically I just made a follow up on the funny side of “Everybody just need to know Matt” thing. And I wrote a little about the new Wikia Search which does not handle the Danish characters æ,ø and å. Probably won’t matter – Google has a market share in Denmark well above 93 percent!!

    Take care!

    John replies:“…It’s simple to learn – even the little kids over here are quite good at it.” Ahh.. Danish humor. Very good. As for those Danish characters, who gave you permission to change our alphabet anyway? ;-)

  11. Thomas Rosenstand Says:

    Who gave you permission to take them out? ;-)

  12. Palm Coast Coupons Says:

    ill pay $10 to take a pic with matt cutts